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Luxury News

10 Most Famous Impressionist Paintings

Impressionism changed the way that artists paint and paved the way for contemporary art. Here are 10 of the most … 10 Most Famous Impressionist Pai ...
31-12-2020 22:05

Michael Mina Makes His Wine Country Debut

His restaurant empire stretches from the West Coast to the East, and even all the way to Dubai. So, it is hard to believe that San Francisco-based Che ...
31-12-2020 21:38

Hublot’s Big Bang Unico Full Baguette King Gold Rainbo

The Big Bang Unico Full Baguette King Gold Rainbow is gemstone-heavy timepiece that uses Hublot?s HUB1242 chronograph flyback movement The post Hublo ...
31-12-2020 22:04

The Devil’s Keep, World?s Most Expensive Whiskey Launc

The Craft Irish Whiskey Co. has launched its limited-edition bottle, ?The Devil?s Keep,? a triple distilled, 29-year-old single malt. It became the wo ...
31-12-2020 22:00

Israeli Whiskies,Malt Scene in The Promised Land

Israel is ?A land of wheat and barley, of vines, figs, and pomegranates, a land of olives and honey.? And now, whisky. The Promised Land and Judean ...
31-12-2020 22:00

Hennessey Performance is finally taking reservations for the

The Venom F5 really looks ready to tear the race track. Its 6.6-liter twin-turbo V8 power plant produces a whopping 1,817 horsepower at 8000 rpm. The ...
31-12-2020 22:04

‘Doraemon’ x Gucci

As part of Gucci?s Chinese New Year celebrations, the brand have released a collection celebrating Doraemon, Fujiko?s beloved manga series.  Image ...
31-12-2020 22:05

Casio’s Wildlife Promising MTGB1000WLP1 design resembl

What makes the Casio G-SHOCK MTGB1000WLP1 unique is the stainless-steel bezel, case, and band, that shows laser-etched markings of the African Rock P ...
31-12-2020 22:04

Just Knock Twice to see Inside the 2021 LG InstaView Refrige

Each 2021 LG InstaView refrigerator ships with the brand?s Uvnanoa technology, while the Door-In-Door system lets you access drinks and other items c ...
31-12-2020 22:04

The Belgian Owl Single Malt Whisky

Kentucky has its Owl. Now Belgium does too. And its own Weasel. Having given other distillers a head start, Belgian whisky makers are catching up fas ...
31-12-2020 22:00

Greek Wines New Year Resolution, “Drink More Nectar

Those in the know?s New Year?s resolution is ?To drink more ?Nectar? and enjoy more Chesnut blondes. And resolve, in 2021, to know their ?ass-ear-leek ...
31-12-2020 22:00

Hotels that are open in Cambodia for a staycation

As 2020 draws to an end and we continue to explore Cambodia from our Siem Reap home, we travel a little further afield this month to feature 3 hotels ...
31-12-2020 21:38

Caviar puts an upscale spin on the Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra

The pricing for Caviar?s exclusive Galaxy S21 Ultra already starts at $77,230 for the base storage option of 128 GB and goes up from there. The post ...
31-12-2020 22:04

This is the Season for The Best Hot Toddy

This is the hot toddy snobbery season when the hot toddy snobs amongst us argue about the best and most status-enhancing ways to keep warm through win ...
31-12-2020 22:00

Alexander McQueen Launches Its Latest Oversized Trainers

Alexander McQueen has added to its collection of oversized trainers with this new black and orange iteration of its raised-sole panelled silhouette. T ...
31-12-2020 22:05

Italian Caviar Offers Some of the Best Osetra Varieties in t

Most of the prehistoric Acipenser family members have now defected to the West from the Caspian, Black, and Azov seas. Many are currently thriving in ...
31-12-2020 22:00

Splendid Celebrity Homes in Hill Country, Texas

It is no secret that most U.S. celebs gravitate towards New Yorkor California to set up home in colossal mansions with all the amenities one could dr ...
31-12-2020 21:38

Then and Now: Historic LA Athletic Club, Unveils New Ameniti

Since 1926, the Griffin Club, has been L.A.’s most iconic private club hosting celebrities, dignitaries and the like; an invitation...via J ...
31-12-2020 21:38

Zoox is the autonomous ride-sharing platform of the future b

The Zoox boasts four-wheel steering, which helps it maneuver tight spaces. Testing is currently ongoing and availability might be sometime in 2022 or ...
31-12-2020 22:04

HOLO Design presents a sleek 3-in-1 power tool concept calle

According to HOLO Design and true to its namesake, the Modul Drill is a 3-in-1 power tool. that lets you swap from a drill, circular grinder, and jig ...
31-12-2020 22:04

Buying Sagacity, Great Cask Finished Rums

Produced by Saint Lucia Distillers and available exclusively through the Whisky Exchange at $84.50, he 45% ABV ?Admiral Rodney Officer?s Release No.1 ...
31-12-2020 22:00

Distinctive Gin from Israeli, The Land of Milk & Honey

The Ginsters have reached western Galilee, and gin has become part of kibbutz culture. ?Akko? is the first premium gin made exclusively from Israeli p ...
31-12-2020 22:00

Ring in the New Year with a 2-Day Champagne Celebration

Ringing in the new year will be a different affair to previous years. This year, celebrations are relegated to being private affairs in our homes. All ...
31-12-2020 21:38

Perfect BMW Cafe Racer by Fabian Bres

This bike looks seems like the perfect clone of a cruiser bike, a café racer, and a drag racer all put into one without overdoing things. Ha ...
31-12-2020 22:13

Enjoy Scotland by private jet

If travellers are looking for a holiday which, in the present situation, makes it easy for them to maintain social distancing, then they need look no ...
31-12-2020 21:38

Moon Mark intends take motorsports beyond earth with a lunar

The Moon Mark x Lunar Race Design Challenge will finally see the winning entries racing one another remotely on the moon\'s surface. The post Moon M ...
31-12-2020 22:04

BEST FROM: aBlogtoWatch & Friends December 30, 2020

I hope you had a good Christmas. We have finally made it to the end of the year! In this round-up, we will be taking a look at the watches that the te ...
31-12-2020 22:15

Zinda Beauty Unveils New Moisture Rose Cuve

January 2021 sees the launch of a former lawyer and wine tourist?s exclusive transformative skincare cream. Zinda Beauty?s new Moisture Rose Cuvee sho ...
31-12-2020 22:00

Ginuary Gin, A Unique Taste Experience

Ignite your New Year and celebrate this Ginuary with Brockmans premium British Gin. The way they do in Connecticut and Philadelphia. And in parts of C ...
31-12-2020 22:00

Prada?s Exclusive Holiday Collection For Him

The new Prada holiday collection has landed, bringing a range of chic gift options to lead further into the season. A catwalk worthy range of male clo ...
31-12-2020 22:05

How to Choose the Perfect Challenge Coin Display Case

Are your challenge coins getting lost in the shuffle of your coin collection" Help them stand out with an impressive challenge coin display case! Whe ...
31-12-2020 21:38

Tidal for Bugatti Royale Speaker: A sound system for your ho

Bugatti has been receiving a lot of love this year with a limited-edition Chiron Sport, a safe, and a timepiece. Tidal adds another to the list with ...
29-12-2020 22:06

Jaguar presents the Vision Gran Turismo SV as its digital en

Jaguar notes that the Vision Gran Turismo SV will run on a fully-electric 1,877-horsepower powertrain and peak at beyond 250 mph. The post Jaguar pre ...
29-12-2020 22:06

Impressive Moving Dunes Optical Illusion

Along the Musée des Beaux-Arts de Montréal, the Canadian architectural firm NÓS has created a wonderful optical illusion of sand banks bre ...
29-12-2020 22:25

How to recover your sense of calm in Provence

2020 has tested us all to the limit. Our security in work and our freedom to travel where we wish has been limited. We have worried about the health o ...
29-12-2020 21:39

The Charlie 25 Backpack Is For the Active Lifestyle

The Charlie 25 Backpack by Remote Equipment is a tough, weather-resistant, and ergonomic pack that provides up to 30L of organized storage space for ...
29-12-2020 22:06

Tissot?s T-Touch Connect Solar

The T-Touch Connect Solar comes from a long line of Tissot tactile watches, namely the successive generations of T-Touch since 1999, and as a connecte ...
29-12-2020 22:06

Things People With Depression Want You to Know

We live in a world full of diverse people who look different from us and speak a foreign language. We can understand people according to how they comm ...
29-12-2020 22:02

4 Reasons Why You Have to Visit Antarctica

Grab your parkas because Antarctica is the place to be! Imagine the views of staggering icebergs, glaciers and gorgeous snow-covered mountains as you ...
29-12-2020 21:39

Lamborghini was recently commissioned to build this track-on

The Lamborghini SC20 is a traditional configuration with a 6.5-liter V12 engine. What we have here is 770 horsepower with 531 lb-ft of torque at its ...
29-12-2020 22:06

The Most prestigious Italian Villas where to stay

If you are looking to live a dolce vita fairytale during your escape in Italy, beautiful Italian Villas are were you want to be especially the o ...
29-12-2020 22:26

Best Places to Buy Gifts for the Holidays

  Whether you are buying birthday gifts or gifts for the holidays, there are always going to be some shops that are better than others for findin ...
29-12-2020 21:39

Keep Your Keys Organized With The Orbitkey x Carryology Hydr

The Orbitkey x Carryology Hydra System uses a magnetic Fidlock system and versatile D-ring to ensure your keys are within easy reach whenever you nee ...
29-12-2020 22:06

Are 9 hours sleeping well for me" How much should I sle

The recommended sleep time may differ from person to person. It may be different for a teenager and an infant as well. So, today we will prove no matt ...
29-12-2020 22:02

Golden Rock: Caviar turns the PlayStation 5 into a luxury sh

The PS5 seems to be the most popular platform and Caviar recognizes this in the best way possible with its Golden Rock one-off. The post Golden Rock: ...
29-12-2020 22:06

Ski Essentials, How To Look and Feel Stylish

Hitting the slopes this snowy season" For those who live in a winter wonderland, nothing is quite as exhilarating as partaking in either Alpine or Nor ...
29-12-2020 22:02

In love with Turkey aboard HIC SALTA and why you should book

The Greek and Turkish coasts are a haven for fun seekers, sun worshippers and culture lovers who want days exploring ancient wonders and nights partyi ...
28-12-2020 21:39

Can You Sell A House As Is And Avoid Making Repairs"

Some homeowners cannot afford to do major renovations before selling their homes. If you?re one of these people wondering if they can still sell a hou ...
28-12-2020 22:01

2020 Couldn?t Stop Watch Enthusiasts

Hello there, aBlogtoWatch community. This is Ariel Adams, and I’m here to wish you a very fine end to 2020. I am not alone in hoping that most of 20 ...
28-12-2020 22:15

Let The ReSPR SeLF Purify The Air You Breathe

The ReSPR SeLF is a wearable air purifier that emits seven million charged ions to attract particles with a diameter of less than 2.5 micrometers inc ...
28-12-2020 22:05

6 Bottles of Bubbly to Pop in 2021

If there's ever been a year we've all been waiting for, 2021 definitely takes the prize. And while we may not be spending our night on th ...
28-12-2020 21:39

2021 Ducati XDiavel Black Star: Superior riding comfort with

According to Ducati, the XDiavel Black Star takes everything that makes the sports bike platform great and tweaks it to add more comfort. The post 20 ...
28-12-2020 22:05

Most Powerful Nonhybrid McLaren – McLaren Sabre

Let us show you the latest car from McLaren – the McLaren Sabre. The limited-edition red, white and black tarmac-trouncing demon was inspire ...
28-12-2020 22:14

African travel dreams becoming a reality with amazing offers

As travel restrictions continue to ease across Africa, many countries are offering incentives to encourage tourism. From children staying free, half p ...
28-12-2020 21:39

Upgrade your Tender With the Heritage 9.9 from Castagnola Ya

Under the direction Nauta Design and Names, Expert workers from Castagnola Yacht are building the Heritage 9.9 from wood and carbon fiber. The post U ...
28-12-2020 22:05

How Hybrid Timber Framing Adds Luxury and Personality to You

Expert Advice from the Hybrid Timber Framing Authority, Bert Sarkkinen from Arrow Timber Hybrid timber framing is a stylish, unique, and fashionable ...
28-12-2020 21:39

The Couchmaster CYCON Provides A More Immersive Gaming Expe

The Couchmaster CYCON offers the convenience of six built-in USB 3.0 ports and arm cushions made from memory foam for a relaxing and immersive gamep ...
28-12-2020 22:05

Modern Butterfly-Shaped Residence in Athens, Greece

Settling within the seaside suburb of Vouliagmeni, in Athens, Greece, the new residential proposal by 314 architecture studio adopts the dist ...
27-12-2020 22:09

Toyota Tacoma TRD-Sport Trailer Concept: We hope this makes

According to the manufacturer, the inspiration for the TRD-Sport Trailer came from third-party trailers based on the Toyota Tacoma. The post Toyota T ...
27-12-2020 22:01

Why Now Is the Perfect Time for a Greenhouse

Having a greenhouse is an excellent idea, to say the least, and there are many reasons for it. Your gardening hobby will be turned into a full-time pa ...
27-12-2020 21:56

10 Most Expensive Coffees In The World

Whether you’re a fan of whole bean, drip grind, espresso or French press coffee, these are the most expensive coffees … 10 Most Expensive Coffees ...
27-12-2020 22:01

Hotel Imperial Vienna, Luxury Collection Hotel

HISTORY, TRADITION, LUXURY AND ROMANCE IN PERFECT HARMONYHotel Imperial\'s regal past is reflected in the opulent and luxurious design of its interior ...
27-12-2020 21:24

5 ski slope behaviours to avoid

Skiing and snowboarding can be enjoyed for a lifetime without incident or injury. That said, there are factors that will increase our likelihood of mi ...
27-12-2020 21:37

‘The Reindeer Eight’ Flying Spur V8 is Bentley&#

?The Reindeer Eight? version of the Flying Spur V8 is truly a magnificent sight to behold as Bentley Mulliner crafts this one-off for a one special c ...
27-12-2020 22:01

How to Attract and Retain Top Talent for your Business

Our working environments have rapidly changed thanks to the CoVid 19 pandemic. However, were these changes inevitable" With increased globalization an ...
27-12-2020 21:56

Longines Reimagines The Legend Diver In Bronze

Sponsored post presented on aBlogtoWatch by advertiser For nearly a century and a half, Longines has been crafting precision timepieces out of its wor ...
27-12-2020 22:11

How to Easily Find Door Handles That You Want

Every home has a unique personality. That personality is determined by the elements the house is designed with. Things like door handles may be tiny i ...
27-12-2020 21:56

The most instagrammable places in Rome

I have never seen a city as beautiful as Rome. There are a few places that come close, but the Eternal City has a particular mix of cobbled charm, inc ...
27-12-2020 22:11

What You Should Know About Smartwatches

Picture this: you?re at the train station getting ready to set off on a long journey. You?ve wrestled with your suitcases, backpack slung over your sh ...
26-12-2020 22:03

Catch Up On The Latest Episodes Of The SUPERLATIVE Podcast &

Spend some time with the aBlogtoWatch team and our hand-picked guests by listening to the latest episodes of the SUPERLATIVE Podcast on Bleav right he ...
26-12-2020 22:19

What You Should Know About Ketocana

In this article, we will discuss a supplement called Ketocanaaimed at people who are following the Ketogenic diet, often referred to simply as Keto. W ...
26-12-2020 22:03

Delage D12 is a Formula 1 racer for the road!

Not many cars could make a Lamborghini look restrained, or a Bugatti seem slow, but Delage has done exactly that. Meet the D12 hypercar, and it is the ...
26-12-2020 22:03

5 Backyard Additions You Will Love

Think of your backyard as an extra living room – a large one at that. If you spruce it up, it can be the perfect place to relax and unwind. Backyard ...
26-12-2020 22:03

Klein Vision?s AirCar V5, The Most Promising Flying Car Prot

While seeing unicorns and flying chariots might not be possible, here is something that might change the way we perceive transport. The Slovakian star ...
26-12-2020 22:03

How Not to Waste Money on Products You Don’t Need

Most of our lives revolve around money, as, unfortunately, we need it to afford the bare necessities to survive. Everyone wants to be rich, although n ...
26-12-2020 22:03

Sleek Leather Bag to Carry Around a Tiny Snowman

Preserve your frigid companions while en route to your next holiday party with this elegant new bag from Tsuchiya Kaban. The Snowman Carrier ...
26-12-2020 22:17

Fun Hobbies That Might Pique Your Interest

It isn?t easy having to wake up every day and go through the same routine, day after day. At the best of times, life can get hectic and stressful simp ...
26-12-2020 22:03

Majesty 175 Superyacht: Refined Excess

Size is everything in the world of megayachts, and now there is a new contender for the title of the largest megayacht ever built with the Majesty 175 ...
26-12-2020 22:03

Top 5 Gifts for Poker Lovers

Is your friend or relative an adventurous person" Then you have two ways to choose from. It is possible to give money to bet on 22Bet Nigeria or prese ...
26-12-2020 22:03

4 Appliance Maintenance and Care Tips You Should Know About

Just the thought of tidying up your house can be exhausting. It is nearly impossible to do chores by hand, so there are home appliances to assist you. ...
26-12-2020 22:03

2021 Cadillac Escalade: The Emperor’s new clothes

The Escalade nameplate needs no introduction, and it is the staple of every celebrity garage along with the jet set. It has been one of the most popul ...
26-12-2020 22:03

Hoops Are a Lot Funnier Than You Think: Here’s How

When we think of basketball, we think of the speed, skill, and aggression of the NBA. Black Mamba, King James, The Answer, Air Jordan–all of these a ...
26-12-2020 22:03

Serene sailing in the Seychelles

Located to the north east of Madagascar and strewn with World Heritage Sites, the granite archipelago of the Seychelles clusters together approximatel ...
26-12-2020 21:40

Soji: Luxury Self-Cleaning Towels that Belong in Every Man?s

Now, you can get Soji, a forever-clean towel that always smells great, feels soft, and most importantly, contains zero bacteria. The post Soji: Luxur ...
26-12-2020 22:08

A New Chapter For The Langham, London As Renowned Hotelier D

The Langham, London first opened its doors in 1865 as Europe?s first ?Grand Hotel,? with its prime, central London location sitting just at the top of ...
26-12-2020 22:03

Luxury Lodges for a Perfect Holiday by The Kaprun Edition

If you?re looking for a quiet and cozy place to have an unforgettable holiday with your dearest people, consider exploring the wonders of the Austrian ...
25-12-2020 21:59

Flaunt the Master & Dynamic x Temi Coker Collection For

Master & Dynamic notes that 100% of the profits from the Temi Coker collection benefit the Ella Baker Center for Human Rights. The post Flaunt the M ...
25-12-2020 22:03

Bottling The Northern Lights

The Aurora borealis has been bottled. The French company responsible for the bottle designs of drinks like ?Cuervo Tequila,? ?Italicus,? ?Graham?s Taw ...
25-12-2020 21:59

Online visas for your next luxury trip to Kenya

Not only is Kenya one of the fastest-growing economies in Sub-Saharan Africa, but it’s also a popular destination for visitors looking for a unique ...
25-12-2020 21:38

The Snoop Watch is an exclusive tie-in release for the Colle

The Collete Mon Amour x Bamford Snoop Watch runs on a Sellita SW330-1 automatic calibre and comes with a black Cordura strap. The post The Snoop Watc ...
25-12-2020 22:03

Awasake, The Japanese Sparkling Sake

?Puchi Puchi? could be the new New Year drink. Bottle-fermented sparkling sake ?Awasake,? or foam sake, is already winning awards. In Tokyo’s recent ...
25-12-2020 21:59

Hine & Early Landed Cognac

Since 1962, as the holder of the Royal Warrant by Appointment to Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II, the House of Hine has been the only official cognac ...
25-12-2020 21:59

The ElecHive Power Station Is Ideal For Use In Both Hot and

The ElecHive power station can charge 12 devices simultaneously and boasts a temperature control system that makes it an ideal source of power in chi ...
25-12-2020 22:03

Best of The Irish Whiskey

Irish whiskey sales are set to overtake Scotch in the US within a decade. The value of Irish whiskey exports from Ireland reached ?890m (US$1.1 billio ...
25-12-2020 21:59

Decorate Your Home With Boeing Luxury Aviation Furniture

If you didn’t get what you really wanted for Christmas, aviation enthusiasts will be happy to know they can now buy what their heart truly desir ...
25-12-2020 21:38

Deck The Halls, Decorating Your Home For The Holiday Season

Looking for inspiration to decorate your home and Christmas tree" Upscale Living magazine has rounded up the most eye-catching festive dcor from hote ...
24-12-2020 21:59

Venicci ? Your Baby?s First Luxury Transport

With the birth of a child, caring parents make every effort to surround their baby with love and care. Among the many ways to achieve this, the first ...
24-12-2020 21:59

3 Big Ways You Can Build Your Brand by Customization

Did you know that it takes about 0.05 seconds for a customer to form an opinion about your brand" Branding is crucial when selling a product or servic ...
24-12-2020 21:37

How to Easily Improve Your Sleep Quality

Sleep is important for growth and body functioning. Without the proper rest, you will wake up feeling groggy, and you won?t be able to go about the re ...
24-12-2020 21:59

Dubai Travel Guide

Dubai has a relatively recent history, given that the first noteworthy settlement dates back to 1798, while it is only in the early 1900s that the ...
24-12-2020 22:16

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