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Ernest Squire Kevlar Workshop Apron

Manual work such as carpentry, whether professionally or as a hobby, can be immensely rewarding. Yet, it can also be messy and at times even dangerou...
13-10-2018 21:29

OverKill Adventure Trailer

If you?re an adventurous guy, today?s mini post is going to have you wanting to know more. The Overland Exposition West 2018 ended without a shortage...
13-10-2018 21:29

YETI Panga Airtight Backpack

Your bag can be the centre of attention on your next summer?s camping adventure. Yeti are making quite the name for themselves, especially with their...
13-10-2018 21:29

Glenfiddich Fire & Cane Whiskey

If you?re a whiskey guy, then we have a treat for you. Today we will take a snapshot look at Glenfiddich Fire and Cane Whiskey. This liquor is a comb...
13-10-2018 21:29

Taylor Stitch Sierra Parka

Many manufacturers put their products through their paces using simulations. Not Taylor Stitch! These designers only test their upcoming releases usi...
13-10-2018 21:29

True Wireless Starship E70 Pro

For the guys who have kept up to date with the hottest music accessory trends, you will have already been intrigued by these new wireless earbuds cir...
12-10-2018 21:30

Halifax Multi-Tool By The James Brand

The more discreet and portable the item is the more we want it?which is why we dig the Halifax from The James Brand. CNC-machined from a solid slab o...
12-10-2018 21:30

Toyota Land Cruiser Hunter From Black Dog Traders

Under the hood of this four-wheel monster, you will find a supercharged LSA 6.2-liter engine. If that doesn\'t make your chin drop, perhaps the fact ...
12-10-2018 21:30

The Bellroy Shift Backpack

Every guy needs a good functional and stylish backpack for those weekend breaks, bachelor parties away, and domestic flights to keep electronics conv...
12-10-2018 21:30

5.11 Tactical Operator ALS Backpack

the best thing about this pack lies on the inside with its incredibly spacious main compartment with a clamshell-style opening and the Easy-Vis Med Po...
11-10-2018 21:31

Alpen Bike Capsule

We all know that rain, dust, and the harsh rays of the sun can shorten the lifespan of any bicycle. Unless you?re fine with having your ride as a room...
11-10-2018 21:31

Stay Safe With The Shiftpod 2

Advanced Shelter Systems has designed and produced a number of different pop-up shelters that can be deployed in an instant when you really need it. O...
11-10-2018 21:31

Minimalism and Functionality Meet With The G Table

One of the problems with furniture and decorative pieces that are made with minimalism in mind is that although they are stunning, they are often unus...
11-10-2018 21:31

Aether Voyage Sunglasses

Now you may be asking yourself if you really need another pair of sunglasses, but just look at the pictures and we are sure you will agree that you ne...
11-10-2018 21:31

Taylor Stitch Chukka Boot

Providing you with a versatile and stylish silhouette, these can be paired with virtually anything in your wardrobe from a casual pair of dark blue or...
11-10-2018 21:31

Malle London Rally Duffel Bag

When you aren\'t racing against the clock trying to make those checkpoints in record time, a lot of your day to day involves carrying around a lot of ...
11-10-2018 21:31

Cars and Curves: A Tribute To 70 Years Of Porsche

So whether you are a petrolhead in general or Porsche lover, this compendium delivers everything you could want and need from a history book dedicated...
11-10-2018 21:31

Jak Atom Sneakers

The name Jak Atom might not be one you are familiar with. However, if you are a fan of sneakers that buck certain trends, by refusing to follow the sa...
10-10-2018 21:29

Creative Selection: Inside Apple?s Design Process

Books make for a great gift and what better book for a guy than a peek into the workings of the creative gadget master himself, Steve Jobs....
10-10-2018 21:29

GMC Short Bus Adventure Van

You can have roots or wings, but you can?t have both, said someone somewhere at some point. It makes perfect sense to combine seeing the world with th...
10-10-2018 21:29

Ethec Electric Motorcycle

According to Ethec, its trump card lies on the battery technology used by its Electric Motorcycle. Temperature management is handled by a complex asse...
10-10-2018 21:29

Paddle?s Up With Beau Lake Paddleboards

Handcrafted and finished with elegant trims in a selection of colors, you may be tempted to frame one of these in your games room. That would be a was...
10-10-2018 21:29

Vans Vault Vintage Epoch Sport

Who doesn?t love a pair of Vans" The Vans team have been digging through their inventory and reintroduced their vintage models that propelled Vans? br...
10-10-2018 21:29

Head Out With Some Beers And The Pelican Soft-Sided Cooler

So, if you are looking for a cost-effective and lightweight solution to keeping your beer and food fresh and cool on those hot days, we think the smar...
09-10-2018 21:27

Woolsey Ping Pong Table

The Woolsey Ping Pong table is a beautiful piece fashioned from the finest components by Sean Woolsey Studio. A pair of custom-made walnut paddles, th...
07-10-2018 21:27

Blow That Hangover Away With Blowfish For Hangovers

There is one solution that seems to be an effective way to undo the painful results of a heavy night of drinking. but one that has the full backing of...
07-10-2018 21:27

2018 Coca-Cola Bottle by Tommaso Ceschi

Coca-Cola recently partnered with Elite and held a contest that drew global attention. After their lengthy deliberation, the officials settled for the...
06-10-2018 21:28

Ray-Ban?s Made in Japan Upgrade

We all know that some nice shades scream cool and a nice pair of Ray-Bans may be the coolest of fashion statements. Well, Ray-Ban fans you are going t...
06-10-2018 21:28

Hot Wheels “Zoom In” GoPro Mount

Gone are the days when we were happy enough to just sit and play with our Skay Electric, watching them zoom around the track. Now we have GoPros to ke...
06-10-2018 21:28

The TicWatch Pro Smart Watch

The Ticwatch Pro is a real gadget for watch lovers. It is the Duracell battery of smartwatches. Whereas many other smartwatches run out of charge in a...
06-10-2018 21:28

Pop This Tent On Just About Any Car

Although it remains to be seen whether this will ever make it to the production stage and see the light of day, we feel it could be an excellent alter...
06-10-2018 21:28

BMW R nineT Moksha

So what do an English custom motorcycle shop, a Dutch watchmaker, and a leading European automotive brand have in common" Well, technically quite litt...
27-09-2018 21:29

CollectiveCarry Revolv’r Butane Lighter

CollectiveCarry presents a new lineup of butane lighters that spark a hint of edginess the next time you light up. We browsed through the available ch...
27-09-2018 21:29

Domio Pro Wireless Helmet Audio And Voice System

The Domio Pro is an upcoming wireless helmet audio plus voice system that features advanced technology to create a one-of-a-kind sound-delivery platfo...
27-09-2018 21:29

2019 Volkswagen Touareg

Even without the confirmation that it?s headed to the American soil, we cannot stem our excitement for the 2019 Volkswagen Touareg. Safety features su...
27-09-2018 21:29

Harley-Davidson Livewire

The Harley-Davidson Livewire certainly lives up to its namesake with its battery-powered electric motor. Specific details regarding the company?s firs...
27-09-2018 21:29

Harley-Davidson Sportster XX Tracker

Gasoline Motor Company managed to customize a special one dubbed the Harley-Davidson Sportster XX Tracker, which is sure to be coveted by many. The re...
27-09-2018 21:29

Schindelhauer Gustav Urban Bike

Road bikes are usually getting most of the attention, but navigating the urban byways on a Gustav from Schindelhauer might be the next best thing. Jus...
27-09-2018 21:29

Adidas Numbers City Cup Limited Shoes

Numbers, a skateboarding brand based in Los Angeles, has teamed up with Adidas Skateboarding to create an exclusive and exciting line of sneakers. One...
27-09-2018 21:29

Project Nemo Submersible by Triton X Aston Martin

Project Neptune is a very exclusive advanced submersible intended for personal use. The submersible can be operated for an estimated time of eight hou...
27-09-2018 21:29

Nissan GT-R50 By Italdesign

To celebrate each one\'s respective 50th anniversary, Nissan and Italdesign shared their resources to give us the GT-R50. The collaboration is produci...
27-09-2018 21:29

Microlino Electric Bubble Car

Micro is preparing to reintroduce a modernized version of the bubble car, which saw circulation during the 1950s and 60s. To make it even more practic...
27-09-2018 21:29

Speedvagen GTFO Bike

The Speedvagen GTFO Bike does exactly what it says on the tin, so now you can too!...
26-09-2018 21:30

The Znth AR Telescope

So if you want to look up to the sky and actually make sense of our wondrous universe, now you can with this ultra-slick telescope!...
26-09-2018 21:30

Watch First flight of Airbus’ BelugaXL

With a stylish exterior design in keeping with its name, it has a friendly Beluga whale?s face that is sure to bring a smile to anyone who sees it whe...
26-09-2018 21:30

500 HP 1931 Ford Model A Sedan

The beast that gave birth to puts any worries to rest...
26-09-2018 21:30

Peugeot e-Legend Concept Electric Coupe

Right away, avid fans of the French carmaker might be at a loss for words regarding the design language flaunted by the e-Legend Concept. We were stun...
25-09-2018 21:29

Top 12 Camping Blankets In 2018

n the United States, camping is a common recreational activity with more than 40 million people engaging in camping activities every year. This compri...
21-09-2018 21:29

Top 20 Hot Sauces To Try In 2018

o you know that the hot sauce industry in the US is worth an estimated $1.3 billion and its value it?s climbing as of the time of this article"  By…...
21-09-2018 21:29

Top 12 Messenger Bags For Men in 2018

n the past, messenger bags played second fiddle to totes and backpacks, feeling generally neglected and unloved. These days, it?s a different ball gam...
21-09-2018 21:29

Top 12 Nike Running Shoes For Men

here is one thing that comes to mind whenever you the see the swoosh sign on any footwear; Nike! As one of the best shoe manufacturers in the world, t...
21-09-2018 21:29

Ziller?s Jaw-Dropping Take On The Jawa 500

Something that looks like the sum of its parts so blatantly has never looked so awesome! We can imagine this racing through the backdrop of a city on ...
15-09-2018 21:30

1999 Mercedes-Benz G500 SWB Europa

Europa G. Wagen have a strong passion and believe that the best ATV ever created was the Mercedes Gelaendewagen. So strong is their belief that they h...
15-09-2018 21:30

200 PUUKKO Knife by Benchmade

in keeping with the tradition of knife building in Scandinavia, where fixed survival knives are relatively small, highly-favored Benchmade have releas...
14-09-2018 21:27

Adidas ZX 500 RM Sneakers

Harking back to the good old days, these are one of the most comfortable shoes ever released by the sports brand giant....
14-09-2018 21:27

OZONE: The Power To Move You To Nostalgia

As you are probably aware, our olfactory system or sense of smell is the one that?s closely related to nostalgia and memory recall...
14-09-2018 21:27

Honda Means Business With Mean Mower V2

Even if nothing comes of Honda?s amazing and slick mower, we still think it was worth mentioning and drawing your attention to it just for the sheer a...
14-09-2018 21:27

Ray-Ban Aviator Reloaded Sunglasses

With the seventh model to be released under this moniker though, rather than looking to the future, they borrowed and paid dues to the past with a ver...
14-09-2018 21:27

EQUA Smart Water Bottles

It seems that any self-diagnosis during our midnight Google searches can be cured with drinking more water. We at Mensgear aren?t doctors, but we sure...
13-09-2018 21:28

Mock One Compact Folding Hammock

Any innovation made to tech that keeps us in a state of relaxation immediately deserves our utmost attention. For that exact reason, we take an in-dep...
13-09-2018 21:28

Smart Luggage by Plevo

Everything is getting ?smart? these days ? apart from some of our buddies - and our luggage is no different. Plevo have managed to create a luggage wh...
13-09-2018 21:28

Dendrobium D-1 1800-bhp electric hypercar

The car\'s Latin-inspired name is taken from an orchid variety, as the winged doors and sunroof resemble it\'s opening petals....
13-09-2018 21:28

2007 Porsche RS Spyder Sold for $4,510,000

One of the six prototype 2007 Porsche RS Spyder\'s ever made will go up for auction soon. What makes it even more special is the absence of any liveri...
13-09-2018 21:28

Base London Nevis Boots

If you are in the market for some trendy, leather ankle boots, you could do a lot worse than a pair of these Base London Nevis....
12-09-2018 21:28

Saint?s Adventure Motorcycle Jacket

You?ll have to stop winding up your friend for trying to rebirth the mullet in 2018 after you see this leather jacket. Inspired by a classic 60s desig...
12-09-2018 21:28

Aktivo Scoot: The Hubless Electric Scooter

When a scooter gets its inspiration from the car world you know it?s going to be a bit of alright. The Aktivo Scoot showcases some fine details and so...
12-09-2018 21:28

Custom Supra SL 550

That would be enough for a normal person. But, as we established Ken Block is not normal. He had an old 6.2 V8 supercharged engine from a Ford Raptor ...
12-09-2018 21:28

RMK E2: Meet Your New Favorite E-Bike

We feel this is a great example of just what a good e-bike should look like - slick lines, futuristic and dripping with cool!...
12-09-2018 21:28

Airlango Mystic AI-Powered Drone

The Airlango Mystic AI-Powered drone bridges the gap between artificial intelligence helping the creative process and being at the forefront of it....
12-09-2018 21:28

Soma Brew Bottle [$40]

From Soma, comes a truly revolutionary way to enjoy tea or coffee, the Brew Bottle....
11-09-2018 21:27

Otterbox Venture 45 Hard Cooler

It is a lot more expensive than many other coolers out there, but the Venture 45 Hard Cooler is considered one of the best for a reason. Find out full...
11-09-2018 21:27

1949 Vincent Black Lightening Motorcycle

The more experienced men among us will know a thing or two about Vincent. When you wanted the fastest bikes on earth before the likes of Ducati, Trium...
08-09-2018 21:29

The Scuderia Cameron Glickenhaus 006

We aren?t sure who has been making love here, but they have definitely got to be proud of their offspring. If you?re a guy who likes cars you?ll be ab...
08-09-2018 21:29

Korcraft: World’s Smallest Folding Utility Knife

Wallet, keys, phone, knife" Knife not knives! Korcraft, the makers of a new pocket knife like to note that the best one you own is always the pocket k...
08-09-2018 21:29


If you want to take your workout to the next level and are fed up with the problems associated with clumpy concoctions that haven\'t mixed properly, n...
08-09-2018 21:29

DeBolex’s Ducati Scrambler

Is it a bird, is it a plane, is it a cyclops" We aren?t sure either, but the stripped-down Ducati Scrambler is certainly something to behold. DeBolex ...
08-09-2018 21:29

Kozmophone: Thomas Edison Inspired Turntable

Thomas Edison was more useful than one bright idea; he also invented the phonograph. This old school design has been brought back to the future in the...
08-09-2018 21:29

Roader: A Vlogger?s Dream

No longer will you ever suffer from missing out on the perfect video opportunity if you get a Roader. Roader is the anti-FOMO of cameras and perfect f...
07-09-2018 21:29

Bushcraft Thor Hammer

A man was arrested for stealing an authentic Thor hammer from a bar in the recent weeks. If only he held out and saw the Bushcraft Viking Thor Hammer ...
07-09-2018 21:29

Bugatti?s World?s Most Expensive Sunroof

Bugatti are about to launch the world?s most expensive sunroof to be available for installation on their $3 million Chiron model as a sky-view option....
07-09-2018 21:29

TMC Dumont Hubless Motorcycle

When looking at the TMC Dumont Hubless Motorcycle and then looking at its designer ? a retired formula 1 driver by the name of Tarso Marquez ? you can...
07-09-2018 21:29

Bourbon Barrel Adirondack Chair

One of the latest creations from Moldovan\'s workshop is this remarkable and striking Bourbon Barrel Lounge Chair. We think this would look great on t...
06-09-2018 21:29

Prepdeck?s Convenient Meal Prep System

Making a change to your lifestyle and fitness is a great thing. Whether you are trying to bulk up like Schwarzenegger, get lean like Phelps, or lose s...
05-09-2018 21:29

Thousand Heritage Collection Helmet

If you like cycling and you like your head, you will like this one. There is a touching story behind the success of Thousand, a company dedicated to p...
04-09-2018 21:31

Civilware Striker Fixed Blade

California isn?t just the home of tech-savvy companies trying to find ways of improving how we communicate and how we can teleport and what not. It is...
04-09-2018 21:31

The Gold BMX Bike by Dior

Two unlikely sources have gotten into bed, a French fashion designer and a French star in the sporting world. Actually, when you put it like that, it?...
04-09-2018 21:31


With the World Cup done and dusted, Nike have stepped up to take the soccer world?s limelight once again. The sport giants have brought out a brand-ne...
04-09-2018 21:31

Roku?s Wireless TV Speakers

All the top TV manufacturers make use of a built-in streaming player. And in most cases, they adopt Roku?s. It providers viewers a one-stop space for ...
04-09-2018 21:31

Ultimate Fidget Pen – Meet The Orbit Pen

The Orbit Pen is a two-in-one pen and fidget toy, that enables you to remain focused while engaging your need to fidget, stopping you from drifting aw...
03-09-2018 21:30

Spyra One Water Rifle

The Spyra One is a serious upgrade to our beloved water guns. What makes it so great in our opinion is the fact that it addresses the shortcomings of ...
03-09-2018 21:30

BMW R Nine T Giggerl via Blechmann

He has often made a name for himself in the past for his work with custom bikes and metal where the resulting vehicles/pieces of art look like somethi...
03-09-2018 21:30

iPhone XS In Gold

If there?s one adage that best describes how the current world of tech news behaves, it?s that everything gets leaked no matter how hard companies try...
03-09-2018 21:30

Anker Rechargeable Bolder LC40 Flashlight [$20]

You wouldn?t go on a camping trip without a flashlight would ya" Of course not because you ain?t a stupid guy. Anker have come up with a pretty nifty ...
02-09-2018 21:32

2019 Yamaha YZ450FX Smart Dirt Bike

Go to any dirt bike event and you?ll see a heap of nice bikes blitzing across the track, but you never see an off-road motorcycle with a smartphone-ba...
02-09-2018 21:32

Customized 1000HP Yenko Corvette

The dudes over at Specialty Vehicle Engineering in Michigan are responsible for Frankenstein?s second coming. These guys will allow their customers to...
02-09-2018 21:32

Aerion AS2 Supersonic Jet

I?m sure we were supposed to be teleporting by now, or at least crossing the Atlantic in 45 minutes?wasn?t that the prediction" Well the guys over at ...
02-09-2018 21:32

2019 Ford GT Heritage Edition

The 2019 Ford GT Heritage Edition boasts no mechanical changes whatsoever ? not that it really needs to. It has the same 3.5-liter twin-turbocharged V...
01-09-2018 21:29

Samsung Galaxy Home Smart Speaker

The Samsung Galaxy Home houses 6 speakers and a subwoofer. Superb sound can be expected since everything has been expertly tuned using Harman and AKG ...
30-08-2018 21:29

1955 Mercedes 300SL Gullwing Coupe On Auction

This 1955 Mercedes-Benz 300SL Gullwing Coupe on offer was is a well-preserved item that never underwent any kind of restoration. With only 58,000 mile...
30-08-2018 21:29

Blacked-Out 1979 Land Rover Series 3 Defender

Cool N Vintage, a company based in Lisbon, Portugal, embraces the quote ?there?s no school like the old school,? which led them down the path of autom...
30-08-2018 21:29

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Ritz-Carlton tees off with luxury resort

Ritz-Carlton tees off with luxury resort

THE Ritz-Carlton Hotel has teed off 2017 with the opening of its first golf resort in China in the golfer?s paradise of Hainan Island. The Ritz-Carlton, Haikou has ushered in a new era of luxury leisure experiences, situated on the world-class... -
Mercedes-Benz E-Coupe Walkaround

Mercedes-Benz E-Coupe Walkaround

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Thai Airways Royal Silk Business Class Lounge Review, Bangkok Airport

Thai Airways Royal Silk Business Class Lounge...

There are several Royal Silk lounges spread throughout Bangkok airport, but the main one, which can accommodate the largest number of passengers (more than 300 at the same time), is located in Concourse D, and this is the one I reviewed before my... -
Girard-Perregaux Laureato Skeleton Ceramic Watch

Girard-Perregaux Laureato Skeleton Ceramic Wa...

The Laureato is meant as Girard-Perregaux\'s answer to other top-tier watchmakers and following the model\'s revival, a slew of variations have culminated in the Girard-Perregaux Laureato Skeleton Ceramic we\'re discussing today. The article... -
Frederique Constant Perpetual Calendar Tourbillon Manufacture Watch

Frederique Constant Perpetual Calendar Tourbi...

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A Quick Guide To Preventing Bug Bites Whilst Travelling

A Quick Guide To Preventing Bug Bites Whilst ...

Bug bites are definitely a sure fire way to put a bit of a dampener on your holiday. Not only are they super uncomfortable, but some people can have quite a severe reaction to them and in some countries insects carry diseases, and the last thing you... -
Let Go: Cadillac 2017 VMAs Anthem (:30)

Let Go: Cadillac 2017 VMAs Anthem (:30)

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Island Hopping in Thailand – The Perfect 2 Week Itinerary

Island Hopping in Thailand – The Perfec...

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