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Luxury News

The World’s Fastest Hydrofoil Cruising Catamaran ̵

With the reveal of the new Nemesis One Hydrofoil Catamaran, Nemesis is making a bold statement. The company promises that the concept will be...
26-09-2020 22:15

Newest 2,363-piece LEGO 1989 Batman Batwing

Not so long ago LEGO has announced iconic Batmobile set. Following the release of the Batmobile from Tim Burton’s 1989 epic Batman, LEGO ha...
25-09-2020 22:18

Matte Black House in Harriman State Park, New York

Black villa is a spectacular contemporary single-family creative house to be built in Harriman State Park, New York, a haven for hikers with ...
24-09-2020 22:15

Automous Self-Driving Pod by PriestmanGoode

Chosen as the winner of a competition hosted by autonomous network transit (ANT) company Dromos, this self-driving pod designed by PriestmanG...
23-09-2020 22:20

Supercar on Water – Luxury Powerboat SAY Carbon Model

Whether it’s watches or watercraft, the term ” supercar-inspired ” is often touted to help market high-end offerings, though the vast m...
22-09-2020 22:16

Conceptual Meditation Pod for Workplaces

Looking like a portal from the future, or perhaps, some other inhabitable planet – this meditation pod is an installation for current stress...
21-09-2020 22:17

Maglev Magnetic Levitation Train Shows The Future of Transpo

The future of public transportation is going to be dominated by less energy-consuming solutions ? the likes of magnetic levitation that we al...
20-09-2020 22:24

Wooden Cafe Racer Yamaha XSR700 by George Woodman Garage

Because the early evolution of cars and motorcycles occurred alongside advancements in metallurgy, timber has never really been a go-to choic...
19-09-2020 22:19

Meditative Portraits Made From Wooden Sticks by Gil Bruvel

Gil Bruvel has spent 40 years practicing vipassan? meditation, an introspective practice that invites judgment-free observation of the mind. T...
18-09-2020 22:18

Innovative Gravity Cube Click Clock

UK-based Gingko, which was founded in 2011 by husband-and-wife duo Paul and Natalie Sun, brings their love of innovative electronics to their...
17-09-2020 22:17

Toyota Next-Generation Offroad Vehicle – Lunar Cruiser

Toyota has set a very ambitious target for its next-generation offroad vehicle – the surface of the Moon. In collaboration with the Japan A...
16-09-2020 22:19

Meet New Gorgeous Maserati MC20 Supercar

Heralding a new era for the Italian manufacturer as the first of its kind made entirely in Modena, the Maserati MC20 is a flagship sports car...
15-09-2020 22:19

12 Free Yacht and Boat Website Templates and WP Themes

Check out these Free Yacht Website Templates and WordPress Themes to create your free awesome website. We have collected 12 of the best templates...
14-09-2020 22:20

New Electric Buses Are Plugging Into Each Other To Transfer

The Publictube by designer Andy Kim turns a network of e-buses into a network of potential batteries that can be used to transfer power betwee...
13-09-2020 22:11

New Skeletonized Flying Tourbillon – Angelus U41 Vibra

La Chaux-de-Fonds-based watchmaker, Angelus, announced an interesting new skeletonized flying tourbillon wristwatch. Introducing the Angelus U...
12-09-2020 22:22

15 Best Movie Cars of All Time

Who can forget the iconic car from Back to The Future that doubles up as a time machine" Or the Batmobile, a car that every teenager fantasiz...
11-09-2020 22:14

Conceptual MOON Coffee Machine Design

If you are a coffee addict then you will feel excited about new appliances that increase the joy you feel when brewing! This conceptual coffee...
10-09-2020 22:20

Aston Martin?s Most Powerful Manual Car Ever

Aston Martin’s Q division, known for its highly-limited special customized supercars, has debuted the Victor at the Concours of Elegance at ...
09-09-2020 22:14

Curved ‘Hedonistic House’ on a Greece Coastline

Athens-based ADD architecture studio presents its newly envisioned ‘Hedonistic House,’ designed as an ‘Apparatus of Hedonism’ along t...
08-09-2020 22:18

Laser Floating Red Staircase in Modern London Appartment

Architect Michaelis Boyd designed this eye-catching red staircase that gives you the illusion of floating without any magic or green screens. ...
07-09-2020 22:18

Over $100K Full-Size Luxury SUV New Jeep Grand Wagoneer

The Jeep Grand Wagoneer is back, this time as a full-size luxury SUV related to the Ram 1500 pickup. The new Jeep Grand Wagoneer represents ma...
06-09-2020 22:14

Creative Building with Linear Pattern in Amsterdam

Graphic design studio Thonik recently completed their new, self-designed and built studio in Amsterdam, a project that marks their first thre...
05-09-2020 22:15

30+ Best Free Website Templates for Charity and Donation Sit

Do you need to develop a website for your charity organization" There are ready-made free solutions for this in the form of free charity website tem...
04-09-2020 22:13

Fordzilla P1 Hypercar Concept

The P1 is the blue oval’s first esports concept car via its Fordzilla team, and it’s every bit as imaginative as it is evocative of the o...
03-09-2020 22:17

Unique Swan Shaped Mega Yacht Concept “AvanguardiaR

Known for his unique watercraft concepts, Pierpaolo Lazzarini of Lazzarini Design Studio unveils his latest imagining: “Avanguardia”. Mea...
02-09-2020 22:57

Custom-Built Retro Style BMW R18 Motorcycle

Blechmann has customized BMW’s recently launched cruiser, the R18. And what a stunning customization it is! Designer Bernhard “Blechmann...
01-09-2020 23:05

Tesla x SpaceX Crossover Semi-Truck Concept

This Tesla SpaceX Semi-Truck concept was created by automotive designer Alex Baldini Imnadze. The SpaceTruck is a concept created as a dream c...
31-08-2020 22:53
30-08-2020 23:08

Amazon Halo Band with 3D Body Scan and Voice Monitor

Amazon has been revolutionary in more ways than one and has pioneered change right from the way businesses work to consumer behavior – love...
29-08-2020 22:54

Quirky Vehicle ‘Bugkart Wasowski’ Inspired by VW

We’ve already told you about mini bike inspired by VW Beetle. And now Aldekas Studio created this quirky vehicle called “Bugkart Wasowski...
28-08-2020 22:54

Kryon Audio x Brabham Audio System

Brabham Automotive and Kryron Audio both have a high value for immersive experiences. And while the worlds of audio and automotive cross path...
27-08-2020 22:54

Futuristic Wedge-Shaped Lancia Stratos Zero Concept

A lot of people were stunned when they saw the Lancia Stratos Zero back in 1970 when cars were still pretty traditional looking. The Lancia St...
26-08-2020 22:58

Officina Armare “Aquanaut” Exploration Yacht

Some time ago we’ve shown you Orca Explorer Superyacht Concept and today we want to show you another one. The Aquanaut Exploration Yacht is...
25-08-2020 22:17

Mightyseed Vespa 98 Electric Scooter Concept

Piaggio’s Vespa scooter has been a design icon since its release in 1946, becoming a style accessory in its own right with adoring fans all...
24-08-2020 22:21

Evocative Stoneware Animals by Beth Cavener

Beth Cavener creates large animals that each appear to wrestle against their implied captivity. The sculptures can be viewed as animals in the...
23-08-2020 22:23

Ergonomic Greubel Forsey Balancier S Watch

With the GMT Sport model launched in late 2019, Robert Greubel and Stephen Forsey introduced a totally new case, characterised by sculpted li...
22-08-2020 22:19

10 Biggest Aquariums in The World

What is the biggest aquarium in the world" There are several dozen giant aquariums in the world with a displacement of more than 1 million liters....
21-08-2020 22:19

Aston Martin 007 Edition Sports Cars

James Bond and Aston Martin will forever be tied together in one of film’s most memorable duos. With the latest entry in the series No Time...
20-08-2020 22:26

Katalis EV.1000 the Arsenale WWII Style Electric Motorcycle

The Katallis EV.500 motorcycle was an electric motorcycle that looked like some combination of modern motoring technology and old-school WWII...
19-08-2020 22:18

Nixie Machine III Steampunk Tube Clock by Frank Buchwald

This is Frank Buchwald’s third and final Nixie tube clock for MB&F’s M.A.D.Gallery – the Nixie Machine III. The past two editions Nixie...
18-08-2020 22:20

Game Of Thrones Collector?s Chess Set

This one-of-a-kind collector’s chess set is based on the critically acclaimed television series Game of Thrones. The set perfectly captures...
17-08-2020 22:11

Unique Slip-On ‘Walk Of Mind’ Women’s Shoe

The Walk Of Mind shoes are centered around a technology that allows users to get custom shoes made based on scans of their feet. Its slip-on ...
16-08-2020 22:25

Extraordinary Steampunk BMW R100 Motorcycle by Kingston Cust

It’s hard to believe that this steampunk beauty was once a 1980 BMW R100 RS. Props go to the Dirk Oehlerking’s Kingston Custom who modifie...
15-08-2020 22:20

Hyperion Motors XP-1 Hydrogen-Powered Hypercar

California-based startup, Hyperion Motors released the XP-1 hydrogen-powered hypercar prototype. Developed by a team that includes ex-NASA ae...
14-08-2020 22:14

WTBA Concrete Cantilevered House by NADA Studio

The WTBA house might not be real, but it sure looks to be. Created by Sebastian Benitez of NADA Studio, the house sits on the edge of a cliff...
13-08-2020 22:21

Breguet Tradition 7038 Boutique Edition for Ladies

Breguet recently presented a special Boutique Edition of its classic Tradition 7038 for Ladies. Adorned with iridescent Tahitian mother-of-pe...
12-08-2020 22:16

Bionic 3D System Voronoi Bicycle Helmet

Designers Yuefeng Zhou, Zhecheng Xu, Haiwei Wang present the Voronoi bicycle helmet, inspired by D Voronoi structures widely found in nature....
11-08-2020 22:15

‘The Wave’ Art Museum in China by Lacime Archite

In Binhai new area, located on the eastern coast of Tianjin in China, Lacime Architects has completed a large multi-use exhibition area calle...
10-08-2020 22:18

Mimic Electric Superbike Concept by Roman Dolzhenko

Russian design Roman Dolzhenko presents the concept Mimic electric superbike and it seems as if it was taken out of The Tron: Legacy movie. F...
09-08-2020 22:19

Oakley 20th Anniversary OVERTHETOP ‘Precious Mettle

Twenty years ago, Oakley introduced one of its most daring and distinctive eyewear pieces – an outlandish silhouette that could only be des...
08-08-2020 22:16

Black Hamilton Khaki Navy BeLOWZERO Special Edition

After creating the Khaki Field Murph for Christopher Nolan’s hit Interstellar, Hamilton cooperated once again with the British director for...
07-08-2020 22:11

Innovative T.50 Light Weight Supercar with 654-Horsepower En

The McLaren F1 rewrote the book on what was possible in a street-legal car when it hit the road in 1992 and is still considered one of the be...
06-08-2020 22:13

30 Free Hotel Website Templates and WP Themes

Need to create perfect hotel website" And for free" If so, check out these 30 amazing free web templates and WordPress themes for hotel websites. In...
05-08-2020 22:18

Matt Black Bulletproof Mazu 82 Yacht

When it comes to yachts, there are the “average” options, and the ships built at the state-of-the-art facility by the incredible team at ...
04-08-2020 22:17

Simple and Compat Punch E-Bike Concept

Besides zero emissions, the beauty of electric propulsion is its simplicity. Fewer moving parts and freedom of packaging mean more freedom of...
03-08-2020 22:16

Compact Portable Crownes Chess Set

Chess players searching for a compact portable chess set may be interested in the new Kickstarter campaign for the Crownes Chess set. Offerin...
02-08-2020 22:10

Luxurious Sculptural Cakes by Tortik Annushka

Tortik Annushka‘s fondant-wrapped desserts more closely resemble luxurious, edible artworks than the buttercream sheet cakes available from ...
01-08-2020 22:14

Wooden Square Refuge in Brazil by Doblle Arquitetura

This minimalist refuge designed by Doblle Arquitetura will be situated in Porto Alegre, Brazil. The aim of the project was to propose the pri...
30-07-2020 22:13

Omega Speedmaster Dark Side of the Moon Alinghi

Omega has released a new Speedmaster Dark Side of the Moon that is the result of its partnership with the Alinghi sailing team. The two world...
29-07-2020 22:20

Elegant Interior of Exhibition Hall and Teahouse in Shanghai

Combining high quality Italian materials and Chinese cultural elements, Minax has completed the interior design of a kerlite product exhibiti...
28-07-2020 22:16

Futuristic Electric Commooter Scooter by Ezekiel Ring

The Commooter Scooter by Ezekiel Ring shuffles up the scooter template, keeping certain essentials but reinventing the rest. For starters, its...
27-07-2020 22:22

Faceted Timber Skin Over Tyrolean ‘Paramount Alma̵

Plasma Studio realizes its architectural intervention “Paramount Alma,” a faceted space cloaking a pre-existing structure among the mounta...
26-07-2020 22:19

Lego Launches Playable Grand Piano Set

Lego Ideas has just launched the 21323 Grand Piano set, an 8.5-inch high show piece that works with a smartphone app to play tunes. The Lego ...
25-07-2020 22:24

Sapphire and Sparkle for Richard Mille’s RM 07-02

Richard Mille presents RM 07-02 Automatic Winding Sapphire, an ultra-feminine watch crafted from colored sapphire. After the immense success ...
24-07-2020 22:18

Cool E-Bike CRTWRKS MOTO by Adam Carvalho

As electric motorcycles have become markedly more mainstream over the last few years, not only are an increasing number of big-name manufactu...
23-07-2020 22:24

Angular Granite Japan?s New Kadokawa Culture Museum

Slated to open in the next few weeks, the new Kadokawa Culture Museum in Japan is situated within a starkly designed structure by architect K...
22-07-2020 22:22

Driverless Tram Concept for Hong Kong by Ponti Design Studio

Ponti Design Studio has created a concept for an autonomous, double-decker tram with a radial interior design to encourage Hong Kong resident...
21-07-2020 22:24

URWERK EMC Time Hunter Titanium Watch

Urwerk’s EMC Time Hunter collection gets a military-inspired makeover for this brand new release.The EMC is fully mechanical, has a rotatin...
20-07-2020 22:23

Prefab Office for your Backyard – Livit Studypod

The Livit Studypod, a prefab office for your backyard, is one solution emerging from the explosion in popularity of working from home, plus t...
19-07-2020 22:14

Los Vilos House on the Coast of Chile

On the coast of Chile, Pritzker Prize architect Ryue Nishizawa has designed the Los Vilos House. Following the rocky terrain it occupies, the...
18-07-2020 22:15

Toadi AI-powered Autonomous Lawn Mower

Toadie is a new artificial intelligence robot lawn mower which needs no perimeter cable or inaccurate GPS and is capable of finding its way u...
17-07-2020 22:19

25 Free Useful Tools and Online Software for Web Designers a

Check out these 25 the best free web design tools and software and find out what you can use to develop websites without any charge. We have select...
16-07-2020 22:13

Vollebak Multi-Colored Garbage Watch

As technology continues to surge forward at an alarming rate, much of the last generation of devices and gadgets get trashed – literally. V...
15-07-2020 22:22

Luxurious Arkup Floating House Boat

The Arkup No.1 Floating Home is not just a luxurious concept but a revolutionary one. Designed by Dutch architect Koen Olthuis of Waterstudio...
14-07-2020 22:17

Dynamic Frame Clock by Meyer Objects

Frame Clock is a unique object indicating time. Its hands are part of the frame shape, which gives the clock a dynamic and continuously chang...
13-07-2020 22:14

Hybrid 360-Foot Superyacht Concept Powered by Solar Panels

Amsterdam studio Isaac Burrough Design has revealed a 360-foot superyacht concept named Kiwa after the M?ori guardian of the ocean. With 200 ...
12-07-2020 22:14

Tiny Carbon-Neutral Work Cabin by Koto

Koto‘s carbon-neutral cabins combine Japanese and Scandinavian design influences to remarkable effect, and the company just unveiled its lat...
11-07-2020 22:10

Bosch eBike Design Vision Concept

While electric bicycles have become increasingly commonplace, the landscape of today is vastly different than that of a decade ago. One outfi...
10-07-2020 22:15

Lamborghini Sin Roadster for $3.8 Million

Lamborghini revealed it’s making the hybrid Sián supercar even better – by removing the roof. The hyper-stylized Sián is now available ...
09-07-2020 22:11

20 Best Free Travel Website Templates

Check out these free travel templates and travel WP themes to create travel websites. By using these free templates you can quickly build travel tr...
08-07-2020 22:15

Hand-Made Wolfensohn ‘Swiss Shock’ Custom G-SHOC

Originally born in Georgia before emigrating to Israel at the age of eight, Michael Wolfensohn is a software designer, amateur engineer, and ...
07-07-2020 22:26

Lamborghini 63 – Sports Car on the Water by Tecnomar Y

We’ve already shown you Lamborghini inspired speedboat and Italian supercar manufacturer Lamborghini partnered with boatbuilder Italian Sea...
06-07-2020 22:23

Desert Run – Ferrari 330P Art by Stefan Mantu

Bucharest based CG artist Stefan Mantu has create a stunning visualisation called “Desert Run – Ferrari 330P”. “Felt like the latest ...
05-07-2020 22:13

Underground House Plan B For The Post-Pandemic World

Sergey Makhno Architects has envisioned a subterranean concrete home built for enduring the “unpleasant surprises” that may await in the p...
04-07-2020 22:13

New Hublot Limited Edition Capri Inspired Timepiece

Hublot has announced the launch of its new Classic Fusion Chronograph Special Edition Capri timepiece. The bright blue watch has been created ...
03-07-2020 22:21

Alexander McQueen Divided Skull Ring

Alexander McQueen is a menswear style icon and he knows everything about fashion and jewelry for men. The Alexander McQueen Divided Skull Rin...
02-07-2020 22:19

10 Best Ecommerce Website Builders, Platforms and CMS

The idea of selling products online had a rather slow start initially. But over the years, it has become almost mandatory for any business to...
01-07-2020 22:14

House No. 214 – Modern House On a Rock

Anchored to the rocky shoreline of an unnamed river, House No. 214 hovers above the water’s surface. Its contemporary form is comprised of ...
30-06-2020 22:15

Luxury Iconic Speaker BEOLAB 90 by Bang & Olufsen

BEOLAB 90 is an iconic speaker for the Danish luxury consumer electronics brand Bang & Olufsen, celebrating the 90th birthday of the company....
29-06-2020 22:23

Panorama White House by Jim Caumeron Design

Jim Caumeron Design has completed a weekend retreat for a family just three hours away from Manila in the Philippines. Sited in a gated commu...
28-06-2020 22:14

Luna Aluminum Electric Bike by Tarform

Brooklyn-based Tarform originally announced its attractive Luna electric motorcycle back in 2018, with expected delivery dates starting in 20...
27-06-2020 22:16

Modular Floating Houses for Coastal Communities Over the Wor

Exploring the severe effects of population increase and global warming on future living conditions over the world, Manila-based architecture f...
26-06-2020 22:15

Another Unique Skyscraper in China – Pingshan Eye Skys

Created by RMJM’s Shenzhen studio, the New Pingshan Eye skyscraper will reach a height of 250 m (820 ft) in Shenzhen’s burgeoning Pingsha...
25-06-2020 21:32

Unique Custom Build ‘Back to the Future’ Bass Gu

Back to the Future is one of the most beloved and iconic film franchises of all time. Ever since its release, it has inspired real-life produc...
25-06-2020 21:32

25 Anniversary Gifts for Him: Unique and Unusual Gifts Ideas

Looking for good anniversary gifts for him" Maybe for 10 years, 5, or just for 1 year – no difference, we have something to surprise you with. Che...
25-06-2020 21:32

Jacob & Co x Bugatti Twin Turbo Furious 300 Watch

Inspired by the hypercar that broke the 300 mph barrier, the Bugatti Chiron Super Sport 300+, Jacob & Co. are partnering with the automaker f...
25-06-2020 21:32

2LOUD Custom Honda Super Cub

Ma ‘Max’ Yicheng at 2LOUD Custom and his partner Lu Yongyu have created two builds: Honda Cub for a close friend and Cub chopper for Max...
25-06-2020 21:32

Tiny Shell House in Japanese Forest by Toni Mirari

Tono Mirai Architects has designed a small creative house in the forest of Nagano Prefecture in Japan, that has a shell-like appearance. The c...
25-06-2020 21:32

Hydrogen-Powered 6-Seater Flying Car CityHawk eVTOL

Whether you’re talking Vertical Aerospace, Jetpack Aviation, Aston Martin, Hyundai or Uber, almost every major car or aviation firm is deve...
25-06-2020 21:32

Accordion-Inspired Creative LED Light by Gingko Design

The Accordion Lamp from Gingko is the perfect example of a lighting design that doesn’t just illuminate but also interacts. The folding/fold...
25-06-2020 21:32

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