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Edgewood Resort, Lake Tahoe Review

Edgewood Tahoe Resort on Lake Tahoe?s southeast shore On the border of California and Nevada, Lake Tahoe offers spectacular views, world-class ...
06-02-2023 21:49
02-02-2023 21:47
30-01-2023 21:47

A tasting of cult Napa wine estate Colgin with Paul Roberts

Colgin Cellars was founded by Ann Colgin in 1992 One of the greatest of all American wineries, Colgin, makes sublime wines from distinctive vin...
28-01-2023 21:47

Joel Isaac Black: The Coolest DJ In The Alps

Joel Isaac Black, a.k.a. Hazy Pockets, is the curator of the legendary playlist for Zermatt?s eco-chic hotel CERVO. In the panoramic terrace a...
26-01-2023 21:47

Capella Singapore Review

Bedrooms have a restful vibe with a panoramic view of rainforest and sea Our hotel of the month is a resort on a tropical island, surrounded by...
26-01-2023 21:47

The Ritz Carlton, Los Angeles Review

Ritz-Carlton LA elegance in the Club Lounge In the fourth part of our luxury travel views column from the Autumn/Winter 2022 issue, LUX?s Edito...
19-01-2023 21:46
17-01-2023 21:51

Driving Force: Maserati Levante Granlusso Long-term test

Maserati Levante Gran Lusso In the fourth part of our Driving Force series from the AW 2022/23 issue, LUX?s car reviewer gets behind the wheel ...
17-01-2023 21:51

LUX Insider: Actress and director Zar Amir Ebrahimi

Zar Amir Ebrahimi, the first Iranian to win a Best Actress Palme d?Or at Cannes The Iranian-born actor and director, who won Best Actress at Cannes in...
12-01-2023 21:47

How should the value of nature be measured"

Pyramid by Ray Collins In the midst of a climate and inequality crisis, is it time to ditch GDP as a measure of economic success" Academics, conservat...
11-01-2023 21:47
11-01-2023 21:47

Mickalene Thomas and Steve Lazarides on art gamechangers

Togetherness, 2022, by Leilah Babirye, at the PAF?s ?Black Atlantic? exhibition, 2022 As the art world gets moving for Asia’s first major fair of 20...
06-01-2023 21:48

Some of our favourite restaurants this year

CUT was opened by Wolfgang Puck in 2011 LUX correspondents are based around the world, and our other staff travel on a regular basis. Here are some of...
04-01-2023 21:45

Driving Force: Porsche Panamera 4S E-Hybrid

The latest Porsche Panamera, a comfortable, high- performance sports sedan, is less lumbering than SUVs and provides a genuine satisfying drive In the...
21-12-2022 21:44

What the $22 Million Beckmann sale says about the German art

The sale of Selbstbildnis mit Horn (1938) by Max Beckmann at Villa Grisebach auction house News of the $22 Million sale of a Max Beckmann masterpiece ...
15-12-2022 21:45

Ted Janulis on investing in the oceans

Love Heart, Hawaii. Photo by Ray Collins Ted Janulis, founder and Principal at Investable Oceans, speaks to LUX?s Chris Stokel-Walker about why the bl...
14-12-2022 21:45

Luxury Travel Views: Castillo Hotel Son Vida, Mallorca

The exterior of the Castillo Hotel Son Vida, compete with turret In the third part of our luxury travel views column from the Autumn/Winter 2022 issue...
14-12-2022 21:45
13-12-2022 21:48

A new art award is announced at India’s Kochi-Muziris

Durjoy Rahman with Bose Krishnamachari, president of Kochi-Muziris Biennale, and Ralph Rugoff, director of the Hayward Gallery, at the launch for the ...
12-12-2022 21:45

Visiting Noor Riyadh, Saudi Arabia’s Festival of Art a

Light Horizon by artist Sabine Marcelis in Wadi Namar, part of the Noor Riyadh Festival 2022 Riyadh, the capital of Saudi Arabia, has not been a city ...
09-12-2022 21:43

Lech, the best ski resort in Austria

The drama of Lech by night. Main photograph by Isabella Sheherazade Sanai High in the Arlberg ski region, the bijoux village of Lech has attracted roy...
02-12-2022 21:44
01-12-2022 21:45

Audi R8 V10 Spyder Review

In the second part of our Driving Force series from the AW 2022/23 issue, LUX’s car reviewer gets behind the wheel of the Audi R8 V10 Spyder. We at ...
30-11-2022 21:47

Luxury Travel Views: Four Seasons Napa Valley, California

In the second part of our luxury travel views column from the Autumn/Winter 2022 issue, LUX?s Editor-in-Chief Darius Sanai checks in at the Four Seas...
28-11-2022 21:46

Never-Before Seen Andy Warhol Photographs at the Beverly Hil

Andy Warhol’s polaroids framed at Bar Nineteen12 at The Beverly Hills Hotel To be a fly on the wall at Studio 54, privy to Hollywood glamour and New...
25-11-2022 21:44

Crans-Montana: Revival Of A Swiss Ski Resort

Crans-Montana is known for being one of the sunniest ski resorts in Europe Crans-Montana was one of the destinations for skiers in the 1980s looking f...
24-11-2022 21:44

Island Life: Neuendorf House

?This is one of my favourite areas of the house, as we often have meals or work together at this table. In the mornings, the sunlight as it hits the p...
24-11-2022 21:44

Liza Essers and Durjoy Rahman on art and the Global South

Liza Essers and Durjoy Rahman in discussion at Goodman Gallery, Mayfair, London In the first of our series of online dialogues, Liza Essers of ...
23-11-2022 21:44

Dr Claire Asher On Nature-Based Solutions

Rumble, 25 May 2016, South Coast New South Wales, Australia Ray Collins With multifaceted threats to life on Earth, nature-based solutions ar...
22-11-2022 21:45

Deutsche Bank and Frieze in Rome

One of the hottest tickets in Rome this month was ‘The Art of Conversation’ arranged by Deutsche Bank and Frieze with renowned artist, Kar...
21-11-2022 21:46

Model Lily Cole On Environmental Action

A portrait of the multitalented Lily Cole The model and campaigner talks to Ella Johnson about environmental action, NFTs and how fashion can n...
17-11-2022 21:45

Driving Force: Bentley Continental GT Speed

The Bentley Continental GT Speed In the first part of our Driving Force series from the AW 2022/23 issue, LUX’s car reviewer gets behind the ...
16-11-2022 21:45
16-11-2022 21:45

Dr Oxana Mulholland On Women Leading Technology

Dr Oxana Mulholland Dr Oxana Mulholland is the Investment Director at the London Technology Club, a space for investors and tech professionals ...
14-11-2022 21:43
13-11-2022 21:46

Winch Design’s Aino Grapin On Sustainable Yachting

Aino Grapin is CEO of Winch Design, an international design studio for luxury planes, homes and most famously, yachts. Here, Grapin speaks to S...
13-11-2022 21:46

Luxury Brands: Challenges Of Going Green

Charlize Theron wearing Chopard?s responsibly mined diamonds at Cannes The new buzz phrase for business is ?profit with purpose?. So how are le...
11-11-2022 21:45

Alan Lo On The Next Asian Art Hotspot

Alan Lo The restaurateur, collector and leading figure in the Hong Kong art scene on who?s hot, what?s not, and why Singapore may soon be the n...
11-11-2022 21:45

Markus Mller on Nature Economy

Combustion, 10 March 2017, South Sydney, Australia. Ray Collins A thought experiment for investors and policy makers: what if we redesigned o...
10-11-2022 21:44
10-11-2022 21:44

Adrian Cheng On Brands To Watch In 2023

Image courtesy of Rosewood Hong Kong Adrian Cheng is a leading tastemaker, founder of cultural-retail destination K11 MUSEA, art collector and ...
09-11-2022 21:45

Luxury Travel Views: Htel Plaza Athne, Paris

The Plaza Athne’s effortlessly chic, light-filled La Galerie In the first part of our luxury travel views column from the Autumn/Winter 202...
09-11-2022 21:45

A Toast To Sustainability

Louis Roederer CEO Frd...
03-11-2022 21:44

The Jumeirah Carlton Tower Review

One of the hotel’s garden suites The Jumeirah Carlton Tower is a London legend, recently lovingly refurbished. In an unmatched retail location in Kn...
01-11-2022 21:48

Maryam Eisler: If Only These Walls Could Talk

Il Etait Une Fois, Le Nord-Pinus by Maryam Eisler Maryam Eisler – the photographer behind many of LUX?s artist covers, including our most recent KAW...
01-11-2022 21:48

Clos de Tart: Revival of a Legend

The Clos de Tart buildings and vineyard rising directly behind the local village A celebrated winery is acquired by one of the titans of the luxury in...
27-10-2022 21:44

Philanthropist: Alice Audouin, Earth Mother

Alice Audouin at the Art of Change 21 office The Paris-based polymath has spent nearly 20 years enabling an ecosystem in which art and environmental c...
26-10-2022 21:44

Thought leadership at the Cliveden Festival

Entrepreneurs, historians, politicians and cultural leaders came together at the annual Cliveden Literary Festival, a weekend event that nourishes and...
21-10-2022 21:46

A Belle Epoque revival in Paris

Perrier-Jout Belle Epoque 2013 Champagne house Perrier-Jout teamed up with the Rosewood Crillon and legendary chef Pierre Gagnaire in Paris for a se...
21-10-2022 21:46

Audemars Piguet Contemporary’s Paris Debut

Andreas Angelidakis, Center for the Critical Appreciation of Antiquity, 2022, Commissioned by Audemars Piguet Contemporary. Courtesy of the artist a...
19-10-2022 21:47
18-10-2022 21:46

Durjoy Rahman: Making Space For Art Of The Global South

Whose Sari Now, 2007, by Charles Pachter On the 75th anniversary of the end of British rule in India, LUX?s Maya Asha McDonald speaks to Durjoy Rahman...
15-10-2022 21:47

PAD returns to Berkeley Square

Barrha Bar by Yann Le Coadic. Image courtesy of Pouenat After two years online, PAD returns to its home in Mayfair, and with it brings its eternal rev...
13-10-2022 21:48

1-54 Contemporary African Art Fair?s Surprising Partnership

Missing Home, Adolf Tega in collaboration with Qaqambile Bead Studio Whilst you most likely have heard 1-54 is celebrating its 10th year in London at ...
13-10-2022 21:48

Shezad Dawood: Out Of The Blue

Portrait of artist Shezad Dawood at the sea?s edge in East Sussex Shezad Dawood is seven years into ‘Leviathan’, a mammoth multidisciplinary proje...
12-10-2022 21:48

Ruinart’s Carte Blanche: Jeppe Hein

Jeppe Hein before a speech-bubble message and chalk panel, elements of the artist?s multimedia, interactive project for Ruinart Carte Blanche 2022, ?R...
11-10-2022 21:47

The Special Relationship of Sassan Behnam-Bakhtiar and Ali J

Sassan Behnam-Bakhtiar and Ali Jassim One is an artist and the other a financier, but in coming together to create a charitable foundation, Sassan Beh...
11-10-2022 21:47

Domaine Clarence Dillon: L’Art de Vivre

Chteau Quintus, so named as the ?fifth child? of the Domaine Clarence Dillon family group From Bordeaux to Paris and back again, Domaine Clare...
03-10-2022 21:46

An Interview With KAWS

KAWS surrounded by art in his Brooklyn studio. All Portraits and studio photography by Maryam Eisler You can find his works on the back of mass...
03-10-2022 21:46

Sakshi Chhabra Mittal on Food Science

Sakshi Chhabra Mittal is the founder and CEO of Foodhaks, a startup revolutionising the food industry by combining science, tech and traditiona...
29-09-2022 21:38

Kaws: Streets of Gold

KAWS surrounded by art in his Brooklyn studio. All Portraits and studio photography by Maryam Eisler You can find his works on the back of mass...
29-09-2022 21:38

How nature based solutions can benefit the planet and rebala

Appreciating and using the services of nature, can help us counter climate change ?Technologies like renewables have their limits,? says Marku...
29-09-2022 21:38

London’s contemporary, historic luxury residence

The drawing room One of the grandest residences in London has been created out of the former head offices of a British institution. Samantha We...
23-09-2022 21:35

A tasting of Bond, California’s new luxury wine

St. Eden vineyard Darius Sanai examines the creation of Bond, one of the world’s most desirable wines and brainchild of Napa Valley wine roya...
20-09-2022 21:43

Professor Connel Fullenkamp On The Value Of Nature

Can we put a price tag on nature" Valuing the carbon services of plants and animals is essential to bridging thegap between finance and conser...
20-09-2022 21:43

Popular Culture: South Asia and Beyond

The Picture, 2002, by Shishir Bhattacharjee. This painting was sent to the exhibition by the Durjoy Bangladesh Foundation following collection ...
19-09-2022 21:41
16-09-2022 21:35

Style and Substance: Porsche Panamera 4S E-Hybrid

The latest Porsche Panamera, a comfortable, high-performance SUV, is less lumbering than other fast SUVs and provides genuine driver satisfaction In t...
15-09-2022 21:41

Dr Friederike Otto On Extreme Weather And Climate

Attribution science explores the link between climate and extreme weather Flooding in South Africa, wildfires in California, heatwaves in India: each ...
14-09-2022 21:37

6 Questions: Sean Scott, Photographer

One of Australia’s most well-known photographer’s Sean Scott is best known for his underwater, sea-life and ocean photography. Here he tells LUX ...
13-09-2022 21:35

EY’s Steve Varley On A Sustainable Future

EY’s Global Vice Chair on Sustainability, Steve Varley, speaks to LUX’s Leaders and Philanthropists Editor, Samantha Welsh, about EY’s approach...
12-09-2022 21:37

How Spending Habits Of The Wealthy Are Changing

Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II mall in Milan: The city has long been a magnet for the world’s wealthy LUX speaks with Alan Hooks, Managing Director, ...
08-09-2022 22:01

Michael Marshall On New World Order

Marine biologist Matt Sharp was awarded the Ocean Conservation Photographer of the Year in 2020 for his incredible images, such as this one of a wave ...
08-09-2022 22:01

Coming Together To Save Our Coral

Alex Mustard photographed healthy reefs in the Maldives As our oceans warm up, the spectacular coral reefs of the Maldives archipelago are dying. Mich...
08-09-2022 22:01

Chris Gorell Barnes on investing sustainably in the oceans

Is it possible to make money out of our oceans while preserving and even enhancing them" Chris Gorell Barnes thinks so. The Co-founder of Ocean 14 Ca...
07-09-2022 22:05

Luxury Travel Views: Lefay Resort, Lake Garda

A grassy terrace overlooking Lake Garda at Lefay Resort In the fourth part of our luxury travel views column from the Spring 2022 issue, LUX?s Editor-...
05-09-2022 22:03

Eric Fischl On The Importance Of Community

Eric Fischl and his painting Sign of the Times. Image courtesy of Maryam Eisler Internationally acclaimed American painter, Eric Fischl is not only cr...
02-09-2022 22:01

Chef Heston Blumenthal: The Culinary Resurrector

?Meat Fruit (c.1430)? is a signature dish of chicken-liver parfait set in mandarin gel, by Heston Blumenthal. Photo by John Scott Blackwell As one of ...
02-09-2022 22:01
01-09-2022 22:01

Clinique La Prairie takes over North Island, Seychelles

Clinique La Prairie has established itself as a leading name in longevity research, offering wellness programmes for over ninety years. For its inaugu...
01-09-2022 22:01

Luxury Travel Views: Hotel Costes, Paris

The lobby in the new Castiglione addition to the Hotel Costes in Paris In the third part of our luxury travel views column from the Spring 2022 issue,...
31-08-2022 22:05

Erin O’Keefe: Bauhaus NYC

Lost at the Beach. Image courtesy of the artist New York-based architect-turned-artist Erin O?Keefe plays tricks with our perceptions with her photogr...
30-08-2022 22:01

Style And Substance: Bentley Bentayga Hybrid

The new Bentley Bentayga Hybrid is a lighter-feel luxury SUV that?s a wonderful mix of refinement and muscle In the third part of our supercar review ...
26-08-2022 21:55

Jean-Michel Cousteau: Choose Life

Jean-Michel Cousteau and his father, Jacques, onboard their wind ship, Alcyone. Jean-Michel Cousteau Private Collection Darius Sanai speaks to Jean-...
25-08-2022 22:01

ORRAA’s Karen Sack On Deep Sea Investment

Traditional net fishing from a boat 80% of the earth’s biomass is concentrated in the oceans. But how do we put a value on the deep sea"As the conc...
24-08-2022 22:04

Behind The Lens Of Sunil Gupta?s Photographs

Sunil Gupta standing amongst his works from Arrival series, 2022 Photographer, writer, curator and activist Sunil Gupta has explored issues of racism,...
24-08-2022 22:04

Luxury Travel Views: The Maybourne, Beverly Hills

Exterior view of the new Maybourne, Beverly Hills In the second part of our luxury travel views column from the Spring 2022 issue, LUX?s Editor-in-Chi...
23-08-2022 21:47

Rudolph Nureyev Legend And Legacy Gala

Rudolf Nureyev and Eva Evdokimova in Sleeping Beauty. Image courtesy of Francette Levieux On 5th-12th September, the celebration of the life and work ...
23-08-2022 21:47

Markus Mller On Natural Capital

Mangroves protect coastlines from erosion and flooding, sequester carbon and provide a home to species not found elsewhere If human beings are going t...
23-08-2022 21:47
22-08-2022 21:48

Style and Substance: McLaren GT,

For a balanced supercar life, look no further that the new Mclaren GT In the second part of our supercar review series, LUX gets behind the wheel of t...
18-08-2022 21:42

Chef Yannick Allno: The Innovator

The entrance of Pavillon Ledoyen with an installation by Tadashi Kawamata Yannick Allno is one of France?s top chefs, famous as much for his drive an...
17-08-2022 21:39

California Dreaming: Top Picks From Bonham’s Quail Auc

Interior of the 1955 Ferrari 250 Europa GT Coup Maarten Ten Holder, Managing Director of Bonhams Motoring, tells LUX his top picks at Bonhams Quail A...
16-08-2022 21:37

The Italian Cut: Norbert Stumpfl, Brioni

Norbert Stumpfl, Executive Design Director at Brioni. Image courtesy of Brioni Until recently, Brioni was a menswear brand in flux, a 20th-century Ita...
16-08-2022 21:37

Ocean Fantasy: The Ritz-Carlton Maldives, Fari Islands

The Ritz-Carlton, Fari Islands, in the Maldives A new resort complex in the Maldives seeks to combine ocean exploration and conservation, extreme luxu...
12-08-2022 21:41

Chef Elena Arzak: ‘La Reina’ of New Basque Cuisi

Chef Elena Arzak Award-winning Basque chef Elena Arzak is the latest in a long line of chefs from the same family. Working in the same eponymous resta...
11-08-2022 21:37

Joel Mesler: What Lies Beneath The Eye Candy

The artist doing a yoga pose in front of one his own recent paintings Maryam Eisler Joel Mesler speaks to LUX’s Chief Contributing Editor, Maryam ...
11-08-2022 21:37

The Style And Substance Series: Porsche 911 Targa 4S Heritag

This special Heritage Design Edition of Porsche’s 911 Targa 4S is the perfect compromise between a fixed-roof and a convertible- but your hai...
10-08-2022 21:38

Pure Pleasures At The Grand Hotel Kronenhof, Pontresina

Exterior view of the 19th-century Grand Hotel Kronenhof in the Swiss Alps In a high valley near St Moritz, the Kronenhof in Pontresina combines...
10-08-2022 21:38

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