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Luxury News

Kempinski Hotel Berchtesgaden,Bavaria at its finest

It is a crisp spring day in the Bavarian mountains and we are driving up through thick pine forests and accompanied by the chatter of birdsong from t...
17-04-2019 21:44

San Francisco’s 7 Best Hotel Bars

How long has it been since you’ve had a night out with your significant other, friends or just time for yourself" Well, we have good news for you! ...
17-04-2019 21:44

In Pursuit of Rare and Old Whisky with Cask 88

Cask 88 brings together the world?s foremost experts in rare and antique whisky, giving discerning whisky collectors the chance to get hands-on in th...
17-04-2019 21:44

How Your Location May Affect Your Car’s Worth

Buying a car isn?t as easy as it used to be. Between the crazy market values and the fluctuating conditions, it is just not as simple as it was 50 ye...
17-04-2019 21:44

Making The Most Of Your Italy-Spain Exploration

Among the many wonderful countries to travel to in the European continent, Italy and Spain top the list with a number of amazing places to discover a...
17-04-2019 21:44

5 Surprising Facts About Home Security

I?m willing to bet my last penny on the fact that you love your family. That?s a bet I?m sure to win, isn?t it" You don?t just love your family, but ...
16-04-2019 21:41

Design A Bedroom Even the Real Housewives Would Die For

A bedroom is supposed to be your personal sanctuary, a getaway that expresses your feelings and favorite colors. We all know the importance of a good...
16-04-2019 21:41

Surfing Spots In South Africa To Check Out

Africa is perhaps the least explored continent when it comes to surfing. However, you will come across several fantastic surfing destinations in the ...
16-04-2019 21:41

Luxury Toilets You Will Want to Put in Your Home

Toilets are some of the most regularly used home elements. Over time, your commode will succumb to the effects of wear and tear and you?ll need to re...
16-04-2019 21:41

Nobu Matsuhisa, Doing Everything from the Heart

14-04-2019 21:40

Inside The Mark Hotel?s $75,000/night Penthouse Suite

In the Upper East Side of Manhattan, on the corner of Madison Ave and 77th Street (just one block east of Central Park), lies the opulent Mark Hotel....
14-04-2019 21:40

Maserati and Ermenegildo Zegna, A collaboration of Italian e

With over 115 years old, the Geneva International Motor Show still hold its prominence in the world of the automobile industry. With this internation...
14-04-2019 21:40

Maserati Hosts Two Premieres; Special Focus On The Levante

At the 2019 New York International Auto Show, which begins on Friday, April 19 and ends on Sunday, April 28, Maserati will premiere the ONE OF ONE cu...
14-04-2019 21:40

LVMH introduces Blockchain Technology to track luxury goods

A technology formerly created to optimize and protect the cryptocurrency Bitcoin, Blockchain cannot be tampered with or altered by any entity. It wil...
13-04-2019 21:40

Views of Gondwana Family Lodge at Sanbona Wildlife Reserve.

The star of the Little Karoo, Sanbona Wildlife Reserve is set amongst the most majestic Warmwaterberg mountain range, where nature and nurture meet t...
13-04-2019 21:40

Best Scuba Diving Places to Visit

Scuba diving is a type of underwater diving that involves the use of SCUBAs (Self-Contained Underwater Breathing Apparatus) to breathe underwater. Sc...
13-04-2019 21:40

L’Ecurie Paris Debuts Partnership with Shin Yoshikawa

A division of L?Ecurie Sport recently announced its first artist inspired collection. The Shin Yoshikawa collection is independent of the company?s ...
13-04-2019 21:40

Top 10 perfumes to have

Apart from your mannerisms and style, the way you smell adds as a contributing element to your personality. While everyone has a different choice, th...
13-04-2019 21:40

Hollywood Stylist, Dana Asher-Levine

Being a personal shopper to powerful women in the spotlight sounds like every girl?s dream come true. For Dana Asher-Levine, her path into this sough...
13-04-2019 21:40

Deepspot, World’s Deepest Pool In The World

Opening this fall, Deepspot which is currently under construction near Warsaw will be the deepest diving pool in the world. With a depth of 45 meters...
13-04-2019 21:40

The Millionaire?s Tarp

A lot of people have the impression that getting a cover for their backyards is basically a commodity as if there are no differences between the diff...
13-04-2019 21:40

American Home Shield Helping Real Estate Professionals Maxim

As a real estate agent, you know better than anyone that every little detail counts when selling a house. It?s usually in your best interests to find...
13-04-2019 21:40

How To Make A Sunday Roast, Just Like Grandma Used To

Everyone loves a Sunday roast. In fact, it is so loved such that in the UK, it only falls number two to fish and chips. You see, this meal is like a ...
12-04-2019 21:38

What makes the CEO and Founder of Égard Watches tick" T

?A gentleman?s choice of timepiece says as much about him as does his Saville Row suit.? ? Ian Fleming Égard luxury timepieces are unique expressions...
12-04-2019 21:38

Beautiful Woodworking Elements You Can Recreate In Your Home

Did you know that it is quite possible for you to make your home look expensive with some of the most beautiful wood elements" Yes it is. Beautiful h...
12-04-2019 21:38

Old School Charm" Get It With These Ideas, Or Even Make

The rustic look is more popular than ever these days so if you?re trying to capture this look in your own home you might be wondering how it?s possib...
11-04-2019 21:40

Finding the Perfect Wedding Dress to Match Your Venue

Finding the perfect wedding dress to match your venue isn?t always easy, especially if you have made plans to travel to another city, state, or count...
11-04-2019 21:40

5 Waterfront Neighborhoods in Tampa for People Looking for t

As buyers in America become wealthier, the demand for luxury real estate in picturesque settings also increases. High-end property buyers often look ...
11-04-2019 21:40

Land Rover Defender 90

Today E.C.D. Automotive Design, the award-winning creator of high-end luxury vehicles, delivered its custom D90, called, Project Ranger. The custom D...
11-04-2019 21:40

Does Your Home Need A Dehumidifier" And If So, What Kin

A dehumidifier is an electrical appliance that removes moisture from the air in a room to keep you healthy and comfortable. Excess moisture in your h...
11-04-2019 21:40

IdealPark, The world’s first immersive car lift experi

Transforming a daily routine into a show of extraordinary technology, IdealPark has introduced a transportation device that takes the cars from the s...
11-04-2019 21:40

Can Someone Sue You for a Car Accident in Florida"

The state of Florida requires you to carry certain minimum coverages to own and operate a vehicle. When you finance or lease a car, the financing com...
11-04-2019 21:40

Mercedes-AMG’s GT R PRO

Mercedes-AMG?s GT R PRO is now available to order and is priced at £188,345 with first deliveries arriving in July. Making use of its 4.0-liter bi-tur...
09-04-2019 21:40

Finest Luxury Ranches in the USA

Planning a trip in nature doesn?t necessarily need to include pitching a tent, building a campfire and eating canned foods. Although this is still an ...
09-04-2019 21:40

Bahamian Cuisine: Delicious Seafood with a Touch of Southern

Heading to The Bahamas" You?re likely prepared for some R&R on the beach or snorkeling the Bahamas? vibrant reefs. But here?s something you can?t forg...
09-04-2019 21:40

50 Best Hotels in the United States

From oceanfront resorts to mountain chalets and remote hotels, the United States is home to some of the best hotels in the world. Each featuring luxur...
09-04-2019 21:40

6 Ways To Achieving Great Countertop Design At Home

One way to great kitchen design is by having an up to trend countertop. The countertop in our kitchens or bathrooms is more important than we think. I...
07-04-2019 21:38

How to Increase Your Living Space Without Using Cheap Tactic

What is an additional dwelling unit (ADU)" Better known as granny flats, additional dwelling units or ADUs are self-contained living spaces within a p...
07-04-2019 21:38

Pet Friendly Hotels

Going on holiday is, at times, a major undertaking. Having to leave your fur-child at home can be traumatic for both owner and pet, especially when pe...
07-04-2019 21:38

These simple ideas will show you how to invest in yourself b

4 Simple Ways To Invest Your Savings And Reap ProfitsMost people have some funds stashed away somewhere in a bank account or secret hiding place, but ...
07-04-2019 21:38

Desert Mountain?s Forever Home

Your Scottsdale Dream Home with Views That Go ForeverThere are at three immediate ?wow? factors greeting visitors at the luxury real estate listing ti...
07-04-2019 21:38

Martyn Lawrence Bullard Design

With his chiseled features and broody looks, Martyn Lawrence Bullard epitomizes a handsome version of a Hollywood actor. Even though the big screen be...
06-04-2019 21:37

Repair of a switched-mode power supply of an air conditioner

This is an example of how you can repair a power supply in a short time and with inexpensive materials. It is a ducted air conditioner. It is much mor...
06-04-2019 21:37

How to Quit Your Job & Travel The World

Everyone dreams about leaving their boring desk job behind to travel, but very few people actually take the necessary steps to make it happen. Taking ...
03-04-2019 21:40

5 Creative Alternatives Instead Of Writing A College Applica

Applications essay are a statement of purpose of that is usually required by a college or university during the admission process. Sometimes it is ver...
03-04-2019 21:40

Bullion: Chef Bruno Davaillon?s Ode to Classic French Cuisin

?All that glitters is not gold? a well-known expression which means that things may not always be as they outwardly appear, does not accurately charac...
31-03-2019 21:39

Choosing Antivirus Software for Your Desktop

We are all aware of the many benefits that internet technology has provided us over recent years. We rely on this technology heavily these days, and i...
28-03-2019 21:40

airthinx: Smart Indoor Air Quality Monitoring

Launched in 2018, the same year they won the environmental leader award, airthinx is the first affordable professional instrument for continuous indoo...
27-03-2019 21:38

Neiman Marcus is the new crowning jewel at Hudson Yards

Since its conception in 1907 and throughout time, Neiman Marcus has held a revered place on luxury shopping while delighting its costumers with intere...
27-03-2019 21:38

Wine & Dine On Luxury Cruise line AmaWaterways

In an interview with Jelena Milinovic, Cruise Manager for luxury river cruise line AmaWaterways, we discussed the extensive lineup of unique wine & di...
27-03-2019 21:38

Expert Tips to Protect Your Valuables When Moving

?Our job is to protect people items and get them safely and securely to their new office or home,? said Matt Schwartzberg, founder of Steinway Moving...
27-03-2019 21:38

Trip to the Champagne Region of France

To say that I was excited about my first trip to the Champagne region of France is an understatement. Not only is it my favorite tipple, the famous Ma...
27-03-2019 21:38

Krakow Gastro Capital

Warsaw may have the ?Michelin? stars but Poland?s royal city now has the status.Krakow is the European Capital of Gastronomic Culture 2019, beating of...
25-03-2019 21:40

Bentley and Breitling Celebrate Extraordinary Partnership wi

Unlike other automotive and watchmaking brand collaborations, Bentley Motors? partnership with Breitling is the world?s longest-running and most succe...
24-03-2019 21:38

McLaren Defies Automotive Convention with the 72OS Spider Se

If you?ve ever dreamed of creating your very own, perfect McLaren, here?s your chance. Luxury high-performance sports car and supercar brand, McLaren ...
24-03-2019 21:38

Top Reasons to Enjoy a Vacation in Phuket

Home to some of the most stunning beaches in Thailand, Phuket is a wonderful place and a popular vacation destination. The mountainous landscape, coup...
22-03-2019 21:37

5 Reasons Why Frozen Foods Are Good for You

Although many prefer fresh over frozen, you may be shocked to know that frozen foods can be just as good as their fresh versions, and at a much cheape...
22-03-2019 21:37

Rich Decadent Desserts for Any Palate

There?s just something wonderful about dessert and the more decadent it is, the better. Mix in a little of this and a touch of that, and you can walk ...
22-03-2019 21:37

East Coast Cities: Luxury Holidays in the USA

East Coast cities are some of the best and biggest in the world.No matter what your preference for this year?s holiday break, you?ll have no shortage ...
22-03-2019 21:37

How to Organize Your Small Bedroom

Let?s be honest, a small bedroom with limited storage space has never stopped anyone from splurging during a shopping spree (I am guilty as charged). ...
22-03-2019 21:37

The Narrow Lot Living Trend: Making The Most Of Your Space

Narrow Lot home designs are one of the hottest trends overtaking the homeowner?s market. With the size of lots that people can buy abating more and mo...
21-03-2019 21:43

5 Reasons a Skillful Concierge is So Vital for Luxury Travel

Concierges serve as a helpful link between institutions in the hospitality industry and their patrons. Any form of travel can benefit from the experti...
21-03-2019 21:43

Want to Make Serious Money" Take Advantage of These Tec

The way we make money is changing. Sure, much of the world?s capital is still vested in stocks and liquid assets that fetch value on the market. But i...
21-03-2019 21:43

High-Fat Foods That Are Also Healthy

During the last quarter of the 20th century, fat was demonized as an unhealthy food option and was blamed for the rising health issues and obesity iss...
21-03-2019 21:43

Appreciate the Warmer Weather in Style and Comfort

Those long nights and balmy days don?t seem to linger long enough. Before you know it Autumn creeps in, taking with it the style and comfort that come...
20-03-2019 21:38

What Are The Top 5 Cyber Crimes"

Criminal activity isn?t just limited to the streets.Oh, no ?? with the evolution of the Internet, criminals have now taken advantage of this enterpris...
19-03-2019 21:37

How To Live Luxuriously On A Budget

Luxury goods come at a bold price? and while you enjoy having luxury items like handbags, jewelry, and lavish vacations, most of us have to be conscio...
19-03-2019 21:37

4 Different Ways to Style Earrings for Men

Men have long exhibited pierced ears, although this style is considered as extravagant in some circles. While some have different meanings to placemen...
19-03-2019 21:37

The Dundas guilt-free world 

Over the past two decades, Peter Dundas has sat at the helm of Roberto Cavalli, Emilio Pucci, and Emanuel Ungaro, so it was only a matter of time befo...
16-03-2019 21:40

The Glenlivet Winchester Assets

The Glenlivet Winchester Collection Releases $25,000 50-Year-Old Single Malt. The Glenlivet Winchester Collection Vintage 1967, a blend of rare single...
16-03-2019 21:40

Award Winning Amsterdam based Izakaya Asian Kitchen & B

The definition of Izakaya is a Japanese pub. The award-winning Amsterdam based Izakaya Asian Kitchen and Bar is located in the middle of the vibrant ?...
16-03-2019 21:40

Luxury Romantic Escapes Down under

Australia is a wild and wonderful place, with many secret gems, adorable wildlife and some of the best beaches in the world. Unlike other places, Aust...
16-03-2019 21:40

Hispano Suiza Carmen to Make its Debut at the Geneva Motor S

Spanish automotive company Hispano Suiza will debut their new production car ?Carmen? at Geneva Motor Show on March 5, 2019. The once proud car compan...
16-03-2019 21:40

Top-Notch Dining in Barcelona, Spain: Caelis and Enoteca

The food scene in Barcelona is not limited to tapas and a glass of vermouth. Currently, 25 one, two and three Michelin-starred restaurants pepper the ...
16-03-2019 21:40

The Most Beautiful Wine Cellars Around The World

For any active wine cellar to be successful, important factors such as temperature and humidity must be closely watched by a climate control system. W...
16-03-2019 21:40

Crystal Symphony Hits All the Right Notes

I was about to embark on a voyage across the Bay of Biscay from Dover, England to the delightful ports of Honfleur, St-Malo, St-Jean-de-Luz, and San S...
16-03-2019 21:40

Beard transplants: what you need to know

The poor old razor industry keeps waiting for the beard trend to be over, but it?s not showing signs of going anywhere yet! Dubbed the ?Prince Harry E...
15-03-2019 21:38

SOBEWFF 2019:  Another Delicious Success!

It?s been barely a week this Miami?s dynamic and decadent South Beach Food and Wine Festival wrapped up and foodies who flocked to South Florida for t...
15-03-2019 21:38

Madeira, The Island of Eternal Spring

What a blessed, fertile, cultured and cultivated island Madeira is. This ?island of eternal spring? was a ?paradise of naturalists? with its exoticism...
14-03-2019 21:36

Gloria Campaner, Home is Where The Piano Is

­­ Putting her heart and soul into everything she does, Gloria Campaner, a celebrated Italian pianist, carefully elects causes to support through her ...
13-03-2019 21:37

Fashion Color Trends for SS19 

Every year, the Pantone Institute releases its color of the year which helps to set the upcoming trends, both in interior design and fashion. With bol...
13-03-2019 21:37

Emerald Palace Kempinski Dubai: A Palace by the Sea

There are three things you must know about the Kempinski Hotels brand. One, Kempinski Hotels is Europe?s oldest luxury hotel group. Two, Kempinski?s p...
13-03-2019 21:37

The Ultimate Deluxe Hot Chocolate

We love a deluxe hot chocolate, here’s our favorite four to get your taste buds going. Hot Chocolate Caddy by Betty’s A luxury to indulge in at h...
12-03-2019 21:40

Reliable Apps to Monitor Your Child?s Phone 2019

Keeping our children safe is the most important role of a parent. With today?s technology, various apps have come up with the aim of helping parents m...
12-03-2019 21:40

Ways to Keep Your Feet Warm in the Winter

We?re just finishing up with the winter this year, but for many depending on where you are it is still at freezing temperatures. And as spring breaks,...
12-03-2019 21:40

Which Roof Window Should You Choose"

Attic conversions are becoming more and more popular, and one of the major decisions you need to make is what kind of window you should install. The w...
12-03-2019 21:40

Different Celtic Jewelry Symbols and the Meanings  

From ancient Celtic ?fairy cats? folklore to Saint Patrick?s sermons, there?s a wide range of inspirations behind the various Celtic jewelry we wear. ...
12-03-2019 21:40

Top Tips For Choosing Glasses

You might have seen people carry off glasses so fashionably, that you might be wondering how to get the same classy and trendy look with glasses. Here...
12-03-2019 21:40

The Lure of Europe?s Most Beautiful and Elegant Spa Town ? B

Baden-Baden is one of Europe?s most beautiful and elegant spa towns, with its extraordinary cultural landscape and plethora of hotels. A playground fo...
09-03-2019 21:38

Trending Engagement and Wedding Rings Design 

Choosing the perfect wedding rings or engagement rings needs not be a tedious task that will stress you out. There are numerous modern designs that ma...
07-03-2019 21:36

Shreveport, Louisiana Presents a Master Class in Celebrating

Mardi Gras is a fascinating tradition dating back thousands of years. In French, Mardi means Tuesday and Gras is ?Fat?. Therein lies the name Fat Tues...
07-03-2019 21:36

Oasis 40M

At the 2018 Cannes Yachting Festival, Italian shipbuilding and Boatbuilding company Benetti announced three new products Diamond 145?, 4 BNow model an...
06-03-2019 21:38

State-of-the-Art Black Star Car Wash in Moscow

Timur Ildarovich Yunusov, known by his stage name Timati, is an artist, singer-songwriter, record producer, actor, marketer and entrepreneur, whose la...
06-03-2019 21:38

La Bella Vista – La Cinque Terre  

For those seeking that elusive peaceful spot in which to unwind, a tranquil and charming place to escape the constant demands of life in the fast lane...
05-03-2019 21:36

FTSE-100?s strongest quarter in years is good news for inves

Towards the end of last week, the financial pages were heralding the best quarter in five years for the FTSE 100 index, and it ended the month with a ...
04-03-2019 21:38

Why Should You Pass Cisco 300-320 Exam Right Now"

The field of IT is one of the most competitive today, and there are some innovations taking place almost every day. It is extremely necessary to keep ...
04-03-2019 21:38

The Lodge at Feline Fields, North-West Kalahari, Africa

In the midst of a desolate landscape, The Lodge at Feline Fields rises like a fortress of vivifying life, metamorphosing the harsh habitat into an oas...
03-03-2019 21:36

The Most Affordable Areas to Live Near Austin

If you are looking to buy a home in or near the Austin, Texas area but are unsure what cities or neighborhoods might be best for you budget this artic...
03-03-2019 21:36

Luxury spend in China experiences trade war jitters

As the world?s second-largest economy prepares to celebrate the Year of the Pig, there is an ominous cloud crippling private enterprises, investment b...
02-03-2019 21:37

Tips For Turning Your Bathroom From Drab To Fab

Perhaps you?ve just moved into a new property and want to put your own personal touch on your brand new home. Or maybe your bathroom is just looking o...
02-03-2019 21:37

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News most viewed Today

Top 10 Alternatives To The Rolex GMT-Master II Watch

Top 10 Alternatives To The Rolex GMT-Master I...

The new Rolex GMT Master-II watches were a big story coming out of Baselworld 2018, and the new ‘Pepsi’ GMT is the “it” watch right now, with the ‘Root Beer’ drawing slightly more subdued hype as well. Between the madness of paying... -
Aston Martin?s latest supercar concept, the Vanquish Zagato

Aston Martin?s latest supercar concept, the V...

Aston Martin has just unveiled what gets my vote for the most beautiful car of the year: the Vanquish Zagato Concept. This is the fifth car that the British auto brand and the Italian design house have made together. The British auto brand and... -
Burj Jumeira – New Supertall Skyscrapper of Dubai

Burj Jumeira – New Supertall Skyscrappe...

The ever-growing Dubai will soon have a new super skyscraper joining its impressive skyline. Titled Burj Jumeira, this jaw dropping 550 meter tall skyscraper will be built in Downtown Jumeirah district, rising from a lake with the shape... -
Ten Fastest Speed Boats in The World in 2019

Ten Fastest Speed Boats in The World in 2019

Human obsession with speed goes back to the time when man first invented the wheel. Humans have been known to have a love for speeding since time immortal. In ancient times, chariot racing was a popular sport in ancient Roman and Greek... -
The Legacy Machine FlyingT Watch by MB&F

The Legacy Machine FlyingT Watch by MB&F

Maximilian Büsser’s latest vision has opened up a whole new market for his company, 14 years after his start in this exciting watchmaking endeavor. Büsser has overseen the creation of the new MB&F Legacy Machine FlyingT, an... -
Whether they're in lively conversation spaces or quiet…

Whether they're in lively conversation s...

Whether they’re in lively conversation spaces or quiet reading nooks, our chairs are the perfect place to sit back and relax. Personalize them with hand-tailored fabric, leather, trim and more- you’ll find endless ways to express your style.... -
Protruding Windows Add Extra Interior Space To This Care Home

Protruding Windows Add Extra Interior Space T...

Architecture firm Nuno Piedade Alexandre has designed an extension of a health care residence for elderly people in Ponte de Sor, Portugal, and as part of the design, protruding windows were added to the facade. The building, which... -

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